Written by John Rocco

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star website.Ifrepparttar manufacturer is listed onrepparttar 100035 energy star site, you can be sure thatrepparttar 100036 U-Value, R-Value, SHGC, and Air infiltration tests have metrepparttar 100037 requirements. So, now you can concentrate on some ofrepparttar 100038 functional parts of your window. If you are inrepparttar 100039 market for a single hung or double hung window, ask aboutrepparttar 100040 mechanism that is used to hold up your window sashes. If they still userepparttar 100041 old spring and string method (sometimes referred to as block and tackle), orrepparttar 100042 spiral metal balances, you are not getting a high quality window. The constant force balance system is more technologically advanced. It uses a titanium coil that is designed to last longer than you or I. Also, a good quality hung window will have sashes that can tilt in so you can cleanrepparttar 100043 glass from insiderepparttar 100044 home. This is a nice feature to have, especially if your windows are onrepparttar 100045 second floor. Just these two items can tell you a lot aboutrepparttar 100046 quality ofrepparttar 100047 window. On horizontal sliders, look atrepparttar 100048 weep holes located onrepparttar 100049 lower fron ofrepparttar 100050 window. There will be one on each end. These holes are there to drain out any water that might get inside. On many windows,repparttar 100051 weep hole is just a punched hole that leads torepparttar 100052 inside track. Unfortunately, with this type of situation, a strong wind can blow cold air and dirt through those holes, right intorepparttar 100053 home. A better quality window will have a one-way trap door onrepparttar 100054 weep holes. The door stays closed against wind and dust, but if any water gets intorepparttar 100055 inside track,repparttar 100056 door will open to allowrepparttar 100057 water to escape. Also, checkrepparttar 100058 frame corners. A quality window has welded corners. The vinyl corners are welded through a heat and cool process. A lesser grade window will use screws to holdrepparttar 100059 corners together. When you make your appointment forrepparttar 100060 estimate, be sure to request a sample ofrepparttar 100061 window be brought to your home so you can visually check these things. A salesman is taught to focus on their product's strong points and avoidrepparttar 100062 weak points, so it's up to you to stay focused yourself, and don't allow yourself to be distracted. "How long hasrepparttar 100063 manufacturer been in business?" "What is their warranty?" "Arerepparttar 100064 windows Energy Star rated?" "Arerepparttar 100065 installers licensed and insured?" "What mechanism holds uprepparttar 100066 sashes onrepparttar 100067 hung windows?" "Do they tilt in?" "Arerepparttar 100068 frames welded or screwed together?" "Dorepparttar 100069 horizontal sliders have weep hole covers?" If you get satisfactory answers to these questions, you are on your way to a positive vinyl window experience.

John Rocco has been installing replacement windows since 1978. To learn more, visit How To Install Windows

John Rocco has been installing replacement windows since 1978. To learn more, visit How To Install Windows

The art of home decoration

Written by Marjan Zemljic

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Beautiful things can be obtained anywhere and forrepparttar minimum price, if one has a feeling for line and colour, or for either. Ifrepparttar 100034 lover ofrepparttar 100035 beautiful was not born with this art instinct, it may be quickly acquired. A decorator creates or rearranges one room;repparttar 100036 owner doesrepparttar 100037 next, alone, or with assistance, and in a season or two has spread his or her own wings and worked out legitimate schemes, teeming with individuality. One observes, is pleased with results and asks oneself why. This isrepparttar 100038 birth of good taste.

Treat your rooms like "still life," see to it that each group, such as a table, sofa, and one or two chairs make a "composition," suggesting comfort as well as beauty. Never have an isolated chair, unless it is placed againstrepparttar 100039 wall, as part ofrepparttar 100040 decorative scheme.

Marjan Zemljic is owner of and author of How to break into the interior design industry. In his book you will find out how you can do exactly that. For more informaion on home decorating ideas visithis website and learn how to create the home of your dreams.

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