Bush Administration Set to Change Environmental Laws

Written by Gary R. Hess

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Richard Pombo,repparttar Republican Chairman ofrepparttar 125915 House Resources Committee, has asked for a review ofrepparttar 125916 Endangered Species Act which protectsrepparttar 125917 wildlife. The law isrepparttar 125918 only legal papers protecting remaining rain forests inrepparttar 125919 United States.

To round uprepparttar 125920 environmental changes, Congressional leaders have started an offensive againstrepparttar 125921 National Environmental Policy Act which requires a thorough look at how major developments effectrepparttar 125922 environment before proceeding.

The President ofrepparttar 125923 National Environment Trust, Philip Clap, saidrepparttar 125924 previous Bush Administration has contended to weakenrepparttar 125925 environmental legislation but now intends to go even further. He said "We will now see an assault onrepparttar 125926 law which will setrepparttar 125927 US inrepparttar 125928 direction of becoming a Third World country in terms of environmental protection."

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Over 1,000,000,000 Children are at Risk

Written by Gary R. Hess

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However, even though wars are a great cause it is notrepparttar only one. Over 30,000 children died last year which would have been prevented if they had adequate healthcare. Another half a million children underrepparttar 125914 age of 15 died last year and some 2.1 million children acrossrepparttar 125915 world are living with HIV. Fifteen million children have lost a parent to Aids, while 80 percent of who live in sub-Saharan Africa.

Carol Bellamy andrepparttar 125916 Unicef agree thatrepparttar 125917 answer is simple. Overrepparttar 125918 last yearrepparttar 125919 world’s nations have spent 712,000,000eu on weapons, whereas only 52 billion eu is needed to reach status quo.

Currentlyrepparttar 125920 United States spends over $400 billion a year on military equipment and $200 billion is currently going towardsrepparttar 125921 war in Iraq.

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