Blog and Ping – A Search Engine Traffic Bonanza

Written by John Jantsch

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RSS Directories Blogs also have a built in distribution method known as RSS. This allows you to push your updated content out to people who subscribe through an RSS reader such as Bloglines or FeedDemon as well as Yahoo and MSN. This ability allows you to communicate directly with subscribers but it can also help get your main site noticed and indexed byrepparttar major search engines. Yahoo, for example, allows people (including you) to subscribe to your blog’s RSS feed. Onrepparttar 136659 day you create your blog, you can subscribe to it via a free MyYahoo account and Yahoo will visit and index your blog for free. It has no choice.

Linking Is Key Part ofrepparttar 136660 blogging culture isrepparttar 136661 predisposition to link to and from quality content that relates torepparttar 136662 subject your are blogging about. In other words, bloggers like to link. Links from other high quality blogs will send traffic and get your blog and web site noticed.

So, your blog marketing strategy a little like this: Set-up a blog and start posting. Ping each time your make a new entry. Submit your blog torepparttar 136663 major blog and RSS directories. Start looking for link partners. Repeat

Inrepparttar 136664 last few weeks I set-up blogs for an attorney, a label manufacturer, and a remodeling contractor. In each case,repparttar 136665 blogs were indexed and spidered byrepparttar 136666 major search engines within 48 hours. Traffic torepparttar 136667 main web sites for these businesses (although a bit meager to start with) has already doubled or tripled. Traffic from each ofrepparttar 136668 major search engines is now showing up for a large number of important search terms and phrases.

Who knows how long this blog traffic bonanza will last but at this moment a blog has never made more sense.

If you’re convinced that you need a blog but don’t want to hassle with setting it up and learning how to promote it properly, check out my basic blog coaching package. I dorepparttar 136669 work, you’re up and blogging and promoting your blog in a matter of days.

John Jantsch is a marketing consultant based in Kansas City, Mo. He writes frequently on real world small business marketing tactics and is the creator of “Duct Tape Marketing” a turn-key small business marketing system. Check out his blog at

5 Surefire Basic Methods to use in Promoting Your Blog

Written by Mal Keenan

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Now that you’ve donerepparttar preliminaries such as picking your 100 keywords, and know how to slip them into your blog posts, these arerepparttar 136602 next steps you’ll need to take:

1.Build links to your blog, do this byrepparttar 136603 following ways. Link your blog from each page on your website, post comments on other blogs that are similarly themed. Ask if you can link to them.

2.Submit your blog and RSS feed to big directories. This will expand your community of readers and keep old ones coming back for more.

3.Make sure that your side navigation bar is present on all your blog posts, so that search engines can easily spider your blog.

4.Frequently post blogs. Search engine spiders strive on fresh content.

5.Stay withrepparttar 136604 domain you’ve picked. If you move, you’ll lose important data; traffic and worse, your position inrepparttar 136605 search engine rankings.

Use these basics to get started. You’ll get torepparttar 136606 top in a short time. Make posting new content on your blog a habit and you’ll stay there.

I have been able to get torepparttar 136607 top positions for important keyword phrases simply by naming my blog post according torepparttar 136608 keyword I am targeting... so I know that blogging DOES work.

Get blogging today!

Mal Keenan is editor and publisher of the Home Business Tips Blog: Visit his Internet Marketing Plug In Training site for great strategies and step by step processes in running a successful online business:

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