A Medical Cure found by Remote Viewing & My last "I bet you can't Remote View it" bet!

Written by By John L. Turner, M.D. Neurological Surgeon

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Considerable scar tissue was found as expected atrepparttar L5-S1 level with small fragments of disk embedded and extruded withinrepparttar 122323 scar tissue. This required performing a medial facetectomy and foraminotomy to freerepparttar 122324 L5 root. Atrepparttar 122325 L5-S1 level, which appeared to be transitional, a hard bulging disk was found. There were no other pertinent operative findings. Post-operative course and inclusion of Remote Viewing:

Following surgery, his leg pain was completely relieved. He complained of back pain duringrepparttar 122326 first post-operative week. This slowly led to fluctuating leg pain, left greater than right. Some days, he would be pain free. He remained afebrile andrepparttar 122327 incision remained intact and normal in appearance.

He was sent for physical therapy with heat, massage and ultrasound with minimal relief. Caudal epidural steroid blocks did not change his pain. On 1/11 he complained of bilateral anterior leg pain and bilateral calf pain. There was no evidence of deep vein thrombosis. Straight leg raising was negative.

Medical Technical Remote Viewing Session (By John L. Turner, M.D.)

The viewer perceivedrepparttar 122328 origin of pain withinrepparttar 122329 brain andrepparttar 122330 source of pain inrepparttar 122331 lumbar (low back) region. Stage six sketch showed a 'tubular structure' with a helical flow pattern and an obstruction torepparttar 122332 flow by a 'reddish-brown' material. This material appeared to be of fluid consistency.

1/13: Examination and MRI:

Patient was afebrile, back and incision appeared normal. Patient describes an area inrepparttar 122333 left paralumbar area that when pressed upon, would cause a radiation of pain to his left leg. 1/14: Repeat MRI:

An isolated pocket of suppuration or, perhaps, cerebrospinal fluid can be seen 2 cm belowrepparttar 122334 skin surface and extending torepparttar 122335 level ofrepparttar 122336 L5 nerve root. Needle aspiration yielded 4 cc of reddish brown material. The patient was taken torepparttar 122337 operating room where a loculated area of reddish-brown pus was found as expected. Cultures showed growth of coagulase-negative Staphylococcus andrepparttar 122338 patient was started on appropriate antibiotics and twice daily wound packing and irrigation. He has made a good recovery withrepparttar 122339 wound healing by second intention.

Discussion: This represents a case of post-operative infection which was a diagnostic delema due to atypical symptoms and a fluctuating course of shifting pain inrepparttar 122340 back and both lower extremities. The surgical incision gave no clues aboutrepparttar 122341 loculated deep infection. A remote viewing session focusing on anatomic features revealed obstruction of flow due to an abscess cavity which communicated withrepparttar 122342 epidural space and may have impeded normal flow of cerebrospinal fluid. The RV findings did not suggest a recurrent herniated disk, but rather, a reddish-brown fluid asrepparttar 122343 etiologic agent. This was confirmed by MRI scanning, needle aspiration and surgery.

Remote Viewing shortenedrepparttar 122344 delay in diagnosis and decreased medical costs of continued physical therapy in this patient with an unusual presentation of post-operative infection. John L. Turner, M.D., F.A.C.S.

To viewrepparttar 122345 article with photos go here: http://www.psitech.net/news sl_042602.htm

Dr. John L. Takeuchi Turner, A retired Neurological Surgeon on the big Isle of Hawaii who was trained by PSI TECH as a Remote Viewer to help assist his specialized science with alternative possibilities for quicker cures.

Appreciation Attracts Prosperity

Written by Stephanie Yeh

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For instance, let’s say you’re not too fond of your place of work and you feel so stressed there that you have a hard time being appreciative. A good thought you might have about your work is that it pays your bills so you have food, shelter and gainful employment. Next, you might reach for a thought about a co-worker who is your friend, who keeps you laughing. After that, a thought about a good laughrepparttar two of you shared will probably pop into your head. After that, a thought about how much better your current job is than your last one will appear. Next, you might appreciaterepparttar 122322 amount of vacation time you get. And so on.

The trick is to follow this process through, no matter how artificial it seems at first, until you actually feel a positive shift in your thoughts and feelings. You will feel lighter, brighter, happier, more uplifted and joyful. Many people have followed this process through until they are literally crying with appreciation. Think about how much prosperity that attracts!!

Even though Thanksgiving only comes around once a year, a little appreciation and gratitude (or giving of thanks) on a daily basis will take you far inrepparttar 122323 journey toward prosperity. Good luck and, most of all, have fun with this!

Stephanie Yeh and her partner have helped many other people achieve and experience prosperity with the help of a strong 15 year network marketing business. Her current project, the Journeyman Wealth Program, is aimed at helping 15 people a year fully achieve their dreams. Stephanie’s Prosperity Abounds website works on the basic principle that “You are the creator of your own reality!”. Get more details on her website at http://www.prosperity-abounds.com.

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