“The Subconscious Diet” Can Help Protect Your Child From Type 2 Diabetes

Written by Hugh B. Sanders

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Since traditional diets do not work for most people, it is far pastrepparttar time to start looking for ways to change a person’s way of thinking about food, states Hugh B. Sandersrepparttar 147924 author ofrepparttar 147925 Subconscious Diet: It’s not what you put in your mouth; it is what you put in your mind! (www.TheSubconsciousDiet.com) This is not hypnosis. Hypnosis implies external control but what is vital to any weight reduction program is a system of internal control. A child or an adult must feel that any change, such as a diet, is not only their decision but it is also something they understand and want to accomplish. Most diets are only restrictions on eating, very few offerrepparttar 147926 steps to changing a persons mind aboutrepparttar 147927 way they approach food. The Subconscious Diet shows a person how to develop a new operating system forrepparttar 147928 subconscious mind. The subconscious is very much like a computer in that it holds all of a person’s values, habits, memories, and is constantly working to come up with answers to each situation that life present us every day. Just like a computer we can choose to change howrepparttar 147929 mind goes about findingrepparttar 147930 solutions. The steps are relatively simple: Clearly stating our goals (weight loss is a goal). Writing out and repeating those goals daily (affirmations). Getting rid of fear, anger, hate, and guilt (letting go!). Learning to associate only with positive friends (get away from negativity). Vividly seeingrepparttar 147931 desired end result in our own mind (visualization). Children are ideal candidates forrepparttar 147932 Subconscious Diet because they are more in touch withrepparttar 147933 subconscious portion of their minds then adults generally are and they naturally day dream (Visualize). Ifrepparttar 147934 parents helprepparttar 147935 child direct those day dreams to focus on a positive view ofrepparttar 147936 child’s body, eating habits, and physical activities,repparttar 147937 parent can assure a healthy path forrepparttar 147938 future of their children. The catch forrepparttar 147939 parents and it is really a benefit, is that they can’t just tell their children whatrepparttar 147940 kids have to do. The parent must lead by example. The adults inrepparttar 147941 family must incorporate all of these steps into their own lives. “Do as I say, not as I do!” just won’t work and has never worked for children. Eighteen million children are at risk of suffering pain and premature death if their weight is left uncontrolled. If your child is getting heaver each day, you have to make a decision aboutrepparttar 147942 amount of effort you are willing to put forth to make your child’s life as good as it should be. For more information please check out: www.TheSubconsciousDiet.com.

Hugh B. Sanders is an award wining speaker who has been involved in the study of self-improvement, personal growth techniques, and success training for over thirty years. He has won production awards from every company he has been associated with. The author has conducted training classes and motivational seminars across the country. This book is a project of passion, and one that his readers and peers are very excited about.

Why do Japanese live so long?

Written by Eric Newman

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3.Green tea – The beverage of tea has existed in Japan for a very long time. Japanese green tea, similar to rice and fish, is consumed every day by most Japanese. It is often consumed with most meals, given as gifts, and used inrepparttar most important of ceremonies. Green tea is high in vitamins such as C and E, high in dietary fiber, it helps lower cholesterol, and raises your metabolism. Green tea is perhapsrepparttar 147877 most convenient and least expensive way to live a longer healthier life.

So let us learn fromrepparttar 147878 Japanese. With these three secrets you to could live a longer healthier life.

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