Zone Labs vs. Windows XP Service Pack 2 Firewall

Written by John Lenaghan

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Perhaps if firewalls were renamed, “personal identity insurance,” more people would realizerepparttar need to own it! So, doesrepparttar 145869 Windows firewall dorepparttar 145870 job? While it will block incoming attacks, it will not block programs already installed on your computer from sending information out.

Many downloads you agree to will have spyware attached, and spyware often “phones home” with information aboutrepparttar 145871 user. Windows XP firewall will not stop this which is why computer experts suggest that for maximum protection you should go with a full firewall protection likerepparttar 145872 ones offered by Zone Labs, Norton and McAfee in lieu of XP’s.

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File sharing - What you need to know!

Written by N Hynes

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Be warned however that much ofrepparttar content on p2p networks is copyright material and therefore downloading or sharing this material can violate copyright laws especially in light ofrepparttar 145749 recent US Supreme Court rules against file-sharing services. There is alsorepparttar 145750 risk of downloading viruses and spyware as these file-sharing networks are not secure. Spyware and adware programs are frequently bundled into P2P file sharing software. Downloaded material could also contain pornography. More file sharing info

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