Zimbabwe (Land Of Tears)

Written by Aleck Cartwright

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There has been gross injustice and mugabe has spies everywhere, he has a veryt tight control through a very large inteligence organisation. His goal is to destroyrepparttar MDC andrepparttar 126990 white population who he believes createdrepparttar 126991 MDC.

Any blacks who are friends torepparttar 126992 white population are traitors and treated as such. They are beaten, raped, intimidated, tortured and locked up without trial. The justice system has buckled withrepparttar 126993 firing of any supreme justice who is opposed to Mugabe's rule. No opposition is tolerated andrepparttar 126994 country is ruled with an iron fist. Many were fired offrepparttar 126995 cabinet,repparttar 126996 Health and Finance ministers were not supporting his reign of terror and were in Mugabe's mind increasingly disloyal.

The big question is, how long willrepparttar 126997 population of Zimbabwe allow him to continue his detruction of their beautiful nation. It is increasingly hard to buy fuel, sugar, maize meal, rice and bread which are staples. There is already starvation and withrepparttar 126998 drought coinciding withrepparttar 126999 abusive government aids continues to spread killing those not already dying from lack of food or health services.

It is a humanitarian disaster and just going to get worse. The west has turned a blind eye with Britain afraid to bring up old hurts of colonialism and America focused onrepparttar 127000 war against terrorism in Afghanistan and Iraq. Zimbabwe is not a muslim nation, it's religions are predominantly ancestral Worship, animism and Christianity.

Muabe knows thatrepparttar 127001 time is ticking away onrepparttar 127002 grace ofrepparttar 127003 people and that civil uprisings are inrepparttar 127004 future asrepparttar 127005 people realise enough is enough. Mugabe knows he has nothing to offerrepparttar 127006 general population and that any investment, entrepeneurship etc. that is encouraged is what will helprepparttar 127007 country but will also ultimately also benefitrepparttar 127008 white and educated black population of Zimbabwe who are against him.

It is a dilemma. Onrepparttar 127009 farms that are designated Mugabe sends in war veterans as squatters, often bussing them ontorepparttar 127010 farms,repparttar 127011 police take no notice asrepparttar 127012 sqatters begin to camp outsiderepparttar 127013 gates ofrepparttar 127014 farm often not lettingrepparttar 127015 farmer carry on his work or go to town to buy groceries for his family. This is exactly what Mugabe is doing torepparttar 127016 nation. Asrepparttar 127017 farmer starves he gives up his land or his life wichever one comes first andrepparttar 127018 squatters move intorepparttar 127019 house and userepparttar 127020 furniture and dress up inrepparttar 127021 farmers clothes.

Not disimilar to "Animal Farm"repparttar 127022 situation can only get worse for all involved. Mugabe may ultimately want to cutrepparttar 127023 population down to a manageable number so that they can all go back to subsistance farming and slash and burn methods. Training up younger members ofrepparttar 127024 poplulation in agrticulture and farming tobacco, cattle ranching, flowers, fruit and coffee etc. is not inrepparttar 127025 plan ofrepparttar 127026 government. Cutting downrepparttar 127027 trees and building temporary huts and reverting back to primitive farming methods is more what they forsee.

Mugabe will make sure thatrepparttar 127028 resources ofrepparttar 127029 state are used to keep as many of his supporters alive, while deliberately starvingrepparttar 127030 opposition to death. The only people to survive will be Mugabe loyalists. Either way Mugabe wins. The population of Zimbabwe may be doomed to mass murder inrepparttar 127031 next year or so. The only other possibility is that they flee while they can and head forrepparttar 127032 borders.

Power forever isrepparttar 127033 name ofrepparttar 127034 game in Southern Africa, not only in Zimbabwe but also in Angola, Mozambique, Namibia and South Africa. In this game Mugabe is a master.

Your prayer is needed for Zimbabwe...the land of our home that is being snatched away from us daily.

Aleck Cartwright and his wife are both Zimbabweans who now live in the UK, visit their website at www.god-life.com

Don't Ever Stop Believing In Yourself

Written by Jeannette Tyson Gregory

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When you wake up inrepparttar mornings get a clear picture of a self-image in your mind. What do you want to accomplish today? Write it on a piece of paper and post it onrepparttar 126989 refrigerator, mirror or someplace in your dorm. Engrave it on your heart.

Habakkuk 2:2 Thenrepparttar 126990 Lord replied: "Write downrepparttar 126991 revelation and make it plain on tablets so that a herald may run with it.

Life can be full of questions and not enough answers. We know that answers are somewhere waiting to be discovered, butrepparttar 126992 question is where? Habakkuk refused to have his questions to remain unanswered. The things he observed troubled him. Habakkuk saw a dying world and it broke his heart. His main questions were: Why is there evil inrepparttar 126993 world? Why dorepparttar 126994 wicked seem to be winning? Habakkuk did what most of us will not do. He took his questions to God.

The first chapter of Habakkuk is devoted to his questions to God. Chapter two is where God begins to respond by asking Habakkuk to write his answers that all will see and understand. God goes on to tellrepparttar 126995 prophet that it will not come quickly, but it will happen. If Habakkuk questioned God and got answers, so can we. Boldly take your questions and concerns before God and He will answer.

I challenge you to keep a journal this year. The year of 2003 is a year of Divine Manifestations. Record your prayers and place a date beside your request. As soon as your prayer is answered, record it in your journal.

What is it that you don't like about yourself? Talk to God about it and remember that He isrepparttar 126996 creator and He has a solution to all of your problems.

Happy New Year!

About the author: Founder of Writers Incubator, an organization where her main focus is youth and young adults learning how to develop their God given gifts,in the areas of writing and art.She is a published author of: The Corridor Of My Heart, What Does God Have To Say About Sex?, Sonshine For A Cloudy Day. She is also a recipient of The Editors Choice Award, for her poem The Little League Game. Teen Columnist for Evangelist Newspaper. See more at www.chosenwordpublishing.com

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