Zany Ideas That Increase Writing Productivity And Quality

Written by Catherine Franz

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My living room recliner was good for brainstorming from reading. For writing personal development topics,repparttar left seat ofrepparttar 140064 couch next to a very large scenic picture window isrepparttar 140065 place. For long how tos, it wasrepparttar 140066 dining room table or a specific McDonalds. I don't know if it wasrepparttar 140067 smell of grease orrepparttar 140068 acoustics that lit a fire under my pen.

The library and its smell of old books make me tired and snoozy. Sometimes my mind felt too vibrant and jumpy with allrepparttar 140069 possibilities and paths open to me.

Do you like to stare outrepparttar 140070 window? Me too! I have an awesome view from my wall-to-wall office window. I use to think day dreaming on a topic wasn't productive but have foundrepparttar 140071 openness feeling brings in expansiveness to my writings. As long as I'm not sitting at my desk while staring.

What can you do when you need to sparkrepparttar 140072 imagination and you have already taken a shower? Do you take another? What about driving? With gas prices jumping skyward who wants to drive just to sparkrepparttar 140073 creative bug.

Here are a few ideas on how to solve:

Buy a miniature waterfall to recreaterepparttar 140074 shower feel. Or use a sound devices that imitates a rambling brook or rain. Place it carefully where you want to fuel a particular type of muse. Turn it on, close your eyes, and place yourself inrepparttar 140075 shower. Toss some water on your face before hand if that helps. One of my clients, turns onrepparttar 140076 shower, sits inrepparttar 140077 bathroom for a few minutes to kick repparttar 140078 process in, and then she moves to a chair.

Instead of driving, sit inrepparttar 140079 car with your left hand onrepparttar 140080 steering wheel, close your eyes, and imaginerepparttar 140081 movement, holding a pen in repparttar 140082 right hand with paper balanced on your knee or on a board. If you are returning home do this after you have parked. The movement ofrepparttar 140083 car will remain.

Some of these may be zany for you, some not. Spark your imagination, try new and different things. Try them at least three or four times and adapt to what feels right for that moment. Your writing productivity and creativity is sure to double.

Catherine Franz is a writing, life and business coach. Her articles have been appeared in thousands of magazines, books and newsletters on nonfiction writing, life and marketing. She writes three monthly newsletters and is a columnist. Visit the Abundance Center for more info:

Start and make cash from your online writing - You must draw blood first

Written by Christopher Kyalo

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Observe firstly howrepparttar article on a totally different subject from whatrepparttar 139690 blogs are covering is made relevant torepparttar 139691 blogs. Then take a close look at howrepparttar 139692 keywords are repeatedly used.

So now you are ready to write your first keyword article.

I can hear you askrepparttar 139693 question.

“What on earth am I going to write about?”

Why not write about your keywords article business. You intend to supply keyword rich articles don’t you?

Readrepparttar 139694 articles at my other blog ( carefully. Are there any ofrepparttar 139695 articles that you can re-write in your own words without telling any lies about your past achievements as a writer so far? Please do not copy whole paragraphs from my blog. I have not given you permission to reproduce my articles. I have simply asked you to do what you can do with any site or blog online. Read and digestrepparttar 139696 central ideas and then write an article usingrepparttar 139697 ideas as if there were your own. Select any simple keyword that you want to use that will berepparttar 139698 central or key point in your article. (We will deal aboutrepparttar 139699 subject of selecting keywords for your articles later on in this blog).

Remember that you will really have to be convincing so select topics that you care about enough and believe in from my blog, to be convincing. A writer who is not convincing in their writing will never be successful at any type of writing, so this is a very critical skill you will need to acquire if you are to succeed.

Next you will have to compile your resource box. This is a skill on it’s own and I have an extremely useful article onrepparttar 139700 subject at my blog It is titled “Your article resource box will kill or lift your internet marketing.”

Read it and carefully userepparttar 139701 valuable points gained from years of experience and trial and error to create your best resource box to launch off your career as a writer.

Christopher Kyalo is writer who makes a living writing online. Has recently started a blog where he tells how it's done, no holds barred. Visit it to read the second part of this article.

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