Zürich – Switzerland

Written by Peter Lemstra

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Despite its image as a conservative and tranquil city, Zürich offers a lot of entertainment, culture as well as a vibrant nightlife. Being a center for contemporary art and offering its visitors a wide variety of interesting museums, galleries and cultural events, Zürich is definitely a good place to stick around in for a few days. Old factories has been transformed into trendy bars, restaurants or nightclubs and givesrepparttar cityrepparttar 138754 dynamics of any world city. Zürich is also a good base for day trips to popular destinations like Baden and Winterthur.

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Why Take an Alaska Cruise ?

Written by John Metcalfe

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Juneau, often known as 'little San Francisco', is Alaska's capital. Here you can experience life in a true northern city. The Mendenhall Glacier is sure worth a visit, as isrepparttar Sawyer Glacier a little further torepparttar 138704 South.

Skagway is Alaska's gold-rush town. It is well preserved and offers access torepparttar 138705 Klondike Gold Rush National Historical Park. Disembark at this port and viewrepparttar 138706 way ofrepparttar 138707 world famous White Pass railroad, before panning for gold in this northern outpost. And when you're done withrepparttar 138708 gold, why not take time out to watchrepparttar 138709 whales near Sitka - a haven for these beautiful creatures all year round.

Forrepparttar 138710 more adventurous, an Alaska cruise can take in Kodiak Island inrepparttar 138711 Gulf of Alaska. Known as Alaska's 'Emerald Isle' Kodiak Island takes visitors back torepparttar 138712 time whenrepparttar 138713 first inhabitants settled on repparttar 138714 island more than 7,500 years ago. You can even locate Alaska's oldest parish here on Kodiak Island.

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