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UK Youth magazine is produced by UK Youth,repparttar UK's leading national voluntary youth organisation, committed to enhancingrepparttar 109306 lives of young people through youth work and informal education. Featuring young people's viewpoints and experiences in participating in project work, UK Youth magazine is an essential resource for anyone wishing to learn from, or communicate with,repparttar 109307 UK's youth sector.

To take advantage of this free offer, individuals simply have to register before 31 October 2004 at:


· UK Youth: raises young people's expectations, realises their potential and recognises their achievements - through informal education. It supports high quality voluntary youth work and informal educational opportunities for young people, through a range of projects, accredited learning programmes, events and publications. It isrepparttar 109308 largest non-uniformed national voluntary youth organisation inrepparttar 109309 UK, working with 7000 youth groups, 40,000 youth workers and 750,000 young people. It operates across 41 local groups in England, with national members in Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales . More details at

For further media assistance, images ofrepparttar 109310 publication, includingrepparttar 109311 latest autumn issue, or a photograph of Carola Adams, please contact:

Aysha Meadows, T: 0207 242 4045; E:

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MCSE 70-290 Certification Primer

Written by Whizlabs Software Pvt Ltd

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MCSE 70-290 Exam Model Most ofrepparttar questions inrepparttar 109305 MCSE 70-290 exam are multiple choice type. The questions requirerepparttar 109306 "best" answer from several close responses. Other questions may present an implementation scenario, requirements, and a proposed solution and then ask ifrepparttar 109307 solution meets all ofrepparttar 109308 requirements or combinations ofrepparttar 109309 primary and secondary requirements. Microsoft has introduced some testing innovations forrepparttar 109310 certification exams. These question types present a more realistic visual representation ofrepparttar 109311 tasks a MCSE would do in future. These are

§Hot Area Questions This type of question requires indicatingrepparttar 109312 correct answer by selecting one or more elements within a graphic.

§Active Screen Questions - This type of question asks you to configure a dialog box by changing one or more elements.

§Drag and Drop Questions - This type of question asks you to drag source objects to appropriate targets within a work area.

§Build List and Reorder Questions - This type of question asks you to indicaterepparttar 109313 correct answer by building an answer list. In a Build List and Reorder question, you need to build a list by draggingrepparttar 109314 appropriate source objects torepparttar 109315 answer list and then placing them inrepparttar 109316 correct order based on criteria defined inrepparttar 109317 question.

§Create a Tree Questions - This type of question asks you to create a tree structure. You indicaterepparttar 109318 correct answer by dragging source nodes torepparttar 109319 correct locations inrepparttar 109320 answer tree. Nodes consist of text and a small icon.

§Windows Simulation Questions - This type of question asks you to indicaterepparttar 109321 correct answer by performing specific tasks such as configuring and installing network adapters or drivers, configuring and controlling access to files, and managing hardware devices. Many ofrepparttar 109322 tasks that systems administrators and systems engineers perform can be presented more accurately in simulations than in most traditional exam question types.

You can get hands-on experience on new set of questions that are available in Whizlabs MCSE 70-290 Exam Simulator. This will help you plan your study regime to ensure success.

Passing Score

Microsoft has normalized scoring for all MCP exams, sorepparttar 109323 same passing score applies to all exams. 700 is nowrepparttar 109324 minimum passing score for all MCP exams. However,repparttar 109325 maximum score (which used to top out at 1000) varies per exam, depending onrepparttar 109326 complexity ofrepparttar 109327 skills measured.

Time Limit

The exam duration is 175 minutes with 45 questions. You will have plenty of time to answerrepparttar 109328 exam questions, so there is no need to rush. If you have spare time available, you can double checkrepparttar 109329 questions and ensure that you have read them correctly and actually answeredrepparttar 109330 question as intended.

Exam Result

Instead of reporting results based on major categories for exam objectives as it used to, Microsoft is now providing numerical scores and bar graphs for "skills clusters". Visually,repparttar 109331 bars inrepparttar 109332 exam report show you how well you fare in each skills cluster. If bars that represent cluster scores are close to one end ofrepparttar 109333 graph, they indicate stronger skills; bars nearrepparttar 109334 other end indicate weaker skills. Please store your exam results in both paper and electronic format for later reference.

How to Prepare for Microsoft Certification? Following arerepparttar 109335 steps to prepare for Microsoft certification. 1.MCSE exams are not easy, as advertised on many websites. The MCSE Certifications are tough, so plan to put in a lot of time and effort getting ready for your certification exams. Get all information you can aboutrepparttar 109336 certification exams and then start working towards your goal. 2.Get hands on experience. The first step inrepparttar 109337 preparation for any Microsoft Certification is hands on experience withrepparttar 109338 related product. For MCSE,repparttar 109339 aspirant needs to have at least a year of working experience and for MCSA,repparttar 109340 minimum recommended time of experience is 6 months. If you are not working anywhere, it will help, if you can volunteer your IT skill services to gain valuable experience. 3.You can set up a small network at home to practice. Setting uprepparttar 109341 home network will give a great opportunity to learn. You can practicerepparttar 109342 lab exercises inrepparttar 109343 home network as and when you study. This will give you a better understanding ofrepparttar 109344 theories than just studyingrepparttar 109345 exam guides. 4.Get trained inrepparttar 109346 related product. If possible, try to get training inrepparttar 109347 related product in a Microsoft Authorized Training Center. You can use training resources to supplement your skills and experience. You can also userepparttar 109348 Microsoft Official Curriculum forrepparttar 109349 related exam as well as Microsoft Press books that are available forrepparttar 109350 exam. 5.For Exam 70-290,repparttar 109351 main areas that you need to concentrate are oAutomated System Recovery (ASR) oDiskpart utility oDiskraid utility oEmergency Management Services (EMS) oFile Replication Service (FRS) oGroup Policy Management Console (GPMC) oOpen File Backup oPassword Backup and Restore Wizard oRemote Assistance oRemote Desktop oShadow copying of shared folders oSoftware Update Services (SUS) oVirtual disk service oPermissions -Share and NTFS oUsers, Computers, and Groups 6.Userepparttar 109352 preparation guide ofrepparttar 109353 exam that you want to take and read it thoroughly. You should know allrepparttar 109354 exam objectives of MCSE 70-290 covered inrepparttar 109355 exam preparation guide. 7.Use practice test software packages. Whizlabs MCSE 70-290 Exam Simulator is an example. 8.Do NOT use Braindumps. Braindumps might help you getrepparttar 109356 certification, but you will lack important practical knowledge aboutrepparttar 109357 product. Hence, your prospects of landing a good IT job will be less. Some brain dumps deliberately mislead you. So BEWARE! 9.You can participate in any online discussion forum, where you can participate in an ongoing dialogue and even ask doubts if you have any. You are sure to getrepparttar 109358 right guidance.

You've learnedrepparttar 109359 details aboutrepparttar 109360 MCSE 70-290 Exam, its pattern, objectives etc. Downloadrepparttar 109361 MCSE Exam Preparation Guide to learn how Whizlabs can help you achieverepparttar 109362 MCSE credential.

Whizlabs (, an ISO 9001:2000 certified company, is a leading provider of IT skill assessment and certification exam preparation tools. Whizlabs' suite of offerings include "IT Certification Exam simulators and Instructor-led, Online Trainings" for various exams by Sun, IBM, Oracle, Microsoft, PMI, BEA, Cisco, and other leading IT vendors.

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