Yourself! To Win The War Against Spam!

Written by Michael DeVries

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Despite our best efforts at prevention, it is still highly likely that some spammer somewhere will eventually get a hold of your email address and start spamming you, and as we mentioned before, once one spammer has got you on their spam list :( .... Thus, despite all of our preventative measures, it is unfortunately most likely an inevitability that you will receive some spam sometime. Therefore, we also need to arm ourselves withrepparttar weapons to combat spam whenever it "shows its ugly face", right? Even thoughrepparttar 135906 spammers may have gotten a hold of your email address, there are weapons we may employ such that you don't even ever have to see most of it! :) Some of these "weapons against spam" employ an intermediate email box wherein any email message sent to your email address from an unknown sender receives an automatic "challenge/response" message requiring them to go to a site, where they must verify themselves as a legitimate email sender, rather than some kind of "spam-bot", e.g. by typing in a "verification password". Then you receive only those messages from verified senders from this intermediate email box. IOHO, one ofrepparttar 135907 best of these type of "challenge/response" intermediate email box systems, which we use, have been pleased with and therefore recommend, is Spam Arrest, for which you may find out more information and try it for yourself for Fr^ee viarepparttar 135908 information and link inrepparttar 135909 resource box below. These type of "challenge/response" intermediate email box systems are great for eliminating spam from "spam-bots" and/or whenrepparttar 135910 sender and/or reply-to email addresses are not "real people". However, there are still some spammers that will "passrepparttar 135911 challenge" and then you will have to manually go up and "block" those senders from your seeing any further messages from them. Similarly, if you own your own domain / web site(s), some web host providers offer spam blocking/ filtering that you may use for your domain. Some of these types of spam blockers / filters also allow you to enter regular expressions to determine all ofrepparttar 135912 senders addresses and/or messages containing a particular "string", matchingrepparttar 135913 regular expression "pattern" entered, to block. These types of spam blocking/ filtering are great to combat spammers who use multiple sender and/or reply to email addresses that change frequently and/or randomly (and probably automatically generated), but from a common domain and/or with a definable pattern. However, these types of spam blockers/ filters often require that you log into your domain / web hosting account and add a filter for each spammer's set of sender addresses and/or matching message text to be blocked. Therefore, an even better weapon we have found, use and recommend, for "stemmingrepparttar 135914 flow" of spam, is a PC / client based application called MailWasher, which is one ofrepparttar 135915 many very helpful and beneficial tools in Vcomís SystemSuite for which you may find out more information inrepparttar 135916 resource box below. MailWasher is great because it allows you to quickly and easily distinguish "friends from foes (spammers)", "bounce" unwanted email messages and "blacklist"repparttar 135917 spammers such that you don't have to hear from them again!:) ... and all from your PC! When you "bounce" a spam messagerepparttar 135918 sender of it receives an automatic response indicating that your email address was "not found / invalid". Therefore, rather than receiving verification of a valid email address, as from a challenge/response system or removal request,repparttar 135919 spammer is more likely to believe your email address is invalid and remove you from their spam list! ;) When you "blacklist" a spammer in MailWasher, it automatically "tags" all of their messages to be automatically "bounced" and then deleted. Further, MailWasher allows you to combat spam on any number of your email addresses, again all from one place / application. We have effectively employed all of these weapons against spam and have successfully reducedrepparttar 135920 previous torrent (of over 200 spam messages per night in one of my mailboxes) to a mere tickle and are definitely onrepparttar 135921 way to Winningrepparttar 135922 War against SPAM! :) We hope this all helps you all Winrepparttar 135923 War against SPAM! :)

- Michael S. DeVries

Michael S. DeVries is the Moderator of The Virtual Consulting Discussion List ( and Principal of The Virtual Consulting Firm ( You too can Arm Yourself with these weapons and Win the War against SPAM!, at:

You Have A Future On The Internet

Written by Vic Damone

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Thankfully and very important to my survival in this new electronically-driven era, there are companies that cater to people just like me. I realized that I didnít have to know what inrepparttar world things like html or java script were, I just neededrepparttar 135848 help of people who did! I found a place where, depending on my situation and needs, I could host a website of my own with allrepparttar 135849 tools and gadgets I would ever need to successfully operate my own e-business! With shopping cart integration, bandwidth based upon need and traffic flow, banners and logos to suit my needs, and even help with customizing my first few pages, this place had everything I could ever need!

I always knew that I wanted to own and operate my own business but I never dreamed I could do so usingrepparttar 135850 Internet and working from my home. Now, I have access to every single person onrepparttar 135851 planet already connected torepparttar 135852 Internet with thousands plugging in every day! To thrive, not just survive, in this Internet-driven world, it is absolutely critical that you are part ofrepparttar 135853 game because otherwise it WILL pass you by!


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