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Written by Massimo D Amico

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This is my placement on Yahoo forrepparttar phrase "increase traffic". There are about 23,876 searches per month of this phrase:

Well to reachrepparttar 148383 results as mine, you need 4 simple steps:

1) Start a free blog - I suggest you to use (start it in just 8 minutes from now).

Before to start it, make a research for niche keywords and let me explain a bit more.

In order to catch great traffic for your blog, its title must be composed by keywords, it's very important. Then your future posts will be more fresh keywords (many people makerepparttar 148384 mistake to create blogs without thinking to them, a waste of time).

2) Putrepparttar 148385 feed (.atom feed) of your new blog into Yahoo rss directory (it's free and it requires you 4 minutes only).

You'll find your atom feed with ease by taking a look at your settings.

3) Post a new message on your brand blog every single day for 1-2 weeks at all. Be sure to include targeted keywords and your site links in every post (about 6 minutes per day).

4) ping your posts. Use this one: (1 minute per day)

You'll get your site on Yahoo, guaranteed. No need to spend 299 Bucks over and over forrepparttar 148386 inclusion on its database (you are not sure that your site'll be included afterrepparttar 148387 fee payment).

Massimo D'Amico is the President and Owner of .... Discover fast and cheap secrets to place your site on Yahoo and Google in 2 weeks. Get valuable suggestions to start your online business and make profits by using free traffic promotions and techniques.

Playing in Googlebot's Sandbox with Slurp, Teoma & MSNbot

Written by Mike Banks Valentine

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* June 4 - Teoma returns and crawls 590 pages! No others.

* June 5 - Teoma returns and crawls 1902 pages! No others. * June 6 - Teoma returns and crawls 290 pages. No others. * June 7 - Teoma returns and crawls 471 pages. No others.

* June 8-14 Odd spider behavior, looking at robots.txt only.

* June 15 - Slurp gets thirsty, gulps 1396 pages! No others.

* June 16 - Slurp still thirsty, gulps 1379 pages! No others.

So we'll take a break here atrepparttar 5 weeks point and take note ofrepparttar 147807 very different behavior ofrepparttar 147808 top crawlers. Googlebot visits once and looks at a substantial number of pages but doesn't return for over a month. Slurp finds bad links and seems addicted to them as it stops crawling good pages until it is told to lay offrepparttar 147809 bad liquor, er that is links by getting robots.txt to slap slurp to its senses. MSNbot visits looking for that robots.txt and won't crawl any pages until told what NOT to do byrepparttar 147810 robots.txt file. Teoma just crawls like crazy, takes breaks, then comes back for more.

This behavior may imitaterepparttar 147811 differing personalities ofrepparttar 147812 software engineers who designed them. Teoma is tenacious and hard working. MSNbot is timid and needs instruction and some reassurance it is doingrepparttar 147813 right thing, picks up pages slowly and carefully. Slurp has addictive personality and performs erratically on a random schedule. Googlebot takes a good long look and leaves. Who knows whether it will be back and when.

Now let's look at indexing by each engine. As of this writing on July 7, each engine also shows differing indexing behavior as well. Google shows no pages indexed although it crawled 250 pages nearly two months ago. Yahoo has three pages indexed in a clear aging routine that doesn't list any ofrepparttar 147814 nearly 8,000 pages it has crawled to date (not all itemized above.) MSN has 187 pages indexed while crawling fewer pages than any ofrepparttar 147815 others. Ask Jeeves has crawled more pages to date than any search engine, yet has not indexed a single page.

Each ofrepparttar 147816 engines will showrepparttar 147817 number of pages indexed if you userepparttar 147818 query operator "" withoutrepparttar 147819 quotes. MSN 187 pages, Ask none, Yahoo 3 pages, Google none.

The daily activity not listed inrepparttar 147820 three weeks since June 16 above has not varied dramatically, with Teoma crawling a bit more than other engines, Slurp erratically up and down and MSN slowly gathering 30 to 50 pages daily. Google is absent.

Linking campaign has been minimal with posts to discussion lists, a couple of articles and some blog activity. Looking back over this time it is apparent that a listing delay is actually quite sensible fromrepparttar 147821 view ofrepparttar 147822 search engines. Our site restructuring and bobbled robots.txt implementation seems to have abruptly stalled crawling butrepparttar 147823 indexing behavior of each engine displays distinctly differing policy by each major player.

The sandbox is apparently not just Google's playground, but it is certainly tiresome after nearly two months. I think I'd like to leave for home, have some lunch and take a nap now.

Back to class before we leave forrepparttar 147824 day kiddies. What did we learn today? Watch early crawler activity and be certain to implement robots.txt early and adjust often for bad bots. Oh yes, andrepparttar 147825 sandbox belongs to all search engines.

Mike Banks Valentine is a search engine optimization specialist who operates and will continue reports of case study chronicling search indexing of

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