Your Wish is My Command - Expanding the Power of Your Personal Genie

Written by Will Craig

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What's Your Story?

We all have this magical power. Sometimes we don't even know it, much less take responsibility for it. We tend to pay more attention torepparttar events in our lives. When we react to something that has happened to us, we label it and then attach a story to it. Good, bad, exhilarating, depressing, rewarding or unfair, we make a note of it. We give these stories to our Genie for safe keeping. He stores them and will dutifully recover these accounts of events just as you have filed them. When we come upon a similar event in our life–sometimes years after Genie first filedrepparttar 124079 original story–he quickly provides us withrepparttar 124080 immediate reaction to take on our current dilemma based on this historical precedent.

At first glance, this sounds well and good. You have a living encyclopedia at your disposal along with your own "Genie librarian" to tell yourepparttar 124081 correct response in any given situation. The challenge associated with this repository of stored responses is that many times those responses are no longer valid. We may have matured and outgrown a conditioned response yet we continue to blurt out inappropriate behavior–no matter how self destructive–because we have programmed ourselves to do so.

Good News, Bad News

Our lives today arerepparttar 124082 culmination of every thought we've ever had. Once we embrace this concept–once we recognize we have created our world and take responsibility for it–we also realize we haverepparttar 124083 power to change our world by simply changing our thoughts. We can rewrite our story through new experiences and different responses to our new and improved lives.

Best selling author, Neale Donald Walsch, talks about our three levels of thought and creation, "That which you think of, but thereafter never speak of, creates at one level. That which you think and speak of creates at another level. That which you think, speak, and do becomes made manifest in your reality."

Walsch goes on to say that if our lives are going to 'take off' we must become very clear about what we want to be, do, and have. Get rid of all negative thoughts. Forget all fears and doubts. When we are very clear about what we want, think about it often and think about nothing else. Take ownership and begin speaking your thoughts as truths.

Choose Your Thoughts

Fellow coach and good friend, Christen Murphy says, "What we focus on grows. We become what we think about most, so choose your thoughts well." She also states, "As humans, we like to make sense of our surroundings. Positive or negative, either way, we get to be 'right' about our life."

The question is... What do you want to be right about?

Positive and negative emotions cannot occupyrepparttar 124084 mind atrepparttar 124085 same time. Genie always responds to your thoughts and unspoken requests with, "Your wish is my command." Feed your Genie positive, supportive and well-nourished thoughts and you will live a life of prosperity, abundance, and untold riches.

And just to be safe, it wouldn't hurt to always make your third and final wish a request for... three more wishes.

Will Craig is a marketing strategist and personal coach. He is the author of "Success Without Selling" and co-develops online training programs and eCourses for You can visit his site at:

Maximizing the Landmark Experiences of Your Life

Written by Julie Jordan Scott

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3. Remain in integrity throughout your experience. Keep your balance and focus onrepparttar totality of your life, not simply on this experience. As you persist in a place of gratitude and honor, you will see that being in integrity is a natural, flowing, peaceful state when you partner withrepparttar 124078 twists and turns in your life instead of viewing life from an adversarial perspective.

4. Steer clear of judgement in relationship to your landmark experience. Instead of seeing it as completely chaotic or wholly ridiculous orrepparttar 124079 most magnificent growth episode ever in your entire life, simply allow it to be what it is for you in that particular moment. Over time, your perspective will ripen towardsrepparttar 124080 proper valuation. While you are in it, allow yourself to simply be in it without attachment, without evaluation, without analysis.

Jeff was hiking with his younger brothers and sisters as they came to a stream deep inrepparttar 124081 woods. Looking to him for guidance, his sister Molly asked him, "Can we drink from here?"

Jeff surveyedrepparttar 124082 scene, looking for a spot where there were plenty of stones forrepparttar 124083 water to bubble over. "Grandpa used to tell me to look forrepparttar 124084 rockiest spot:repparttar 124085 water is purest there." Kneeling down byrepparttar 124086 water's edge, he cupped his hands and offered his sister a sip of cold, clear refreshment. The ripples and rapids made byrepparttar 124087 rocks naturally purifyrepparttar 124088 water makingrepparttar 124089 taste crisper and cleaner.

Molly drankrepparttar 124090 water Jeff offered with reckless abandon. She got down on her belly so she could peer intorepparttar 124091 stream and drink directly fromrepparttar 124092 magical spot whererepparttar 124093 rough hewn rocks made repparttar 124094 water run true, clear and refreshing.

Your landmark experience, with its jagged edges, unexpected drops and dips and turns will purify your life experience as well. When you followrepparttar 124095 simple steps outlined here, it will empower you to leadrepparttar 124096 life you were meant to live. Take your time to look from a new perspective. Then take a long, slow drink. Remember your life. Live it with passion, today.

Julie Jordan Scott is the Creative Director of Transform Your Life, Transform Your World. Creative Passion Resources for You to Achieve Growth Coaching, Tele-Classes, Email Courses and Ezines email: phone:661.325.4116

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