Your Website on My Forehead

Written by Jon Castle

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to market your website on writing utensils or magnets you have several alternatives. Other products that work well for marketing include coffee mugs, travel-and-go cups, mouse pads, bumper stickers, key tags, and stress balls. Let’s not forget another great place to show off your website—on your body! No, I’m not talking about taking drastic measures like tattooing your company URL on your forehead. Clothing advertisements arerepparttar name ofrepparttar 134959 game. Clothing is a wonderful way to advertise your website, especially if you have a funny slogan or eye-catching logo. You can have your website address printed on hats, shirts, umbrellas, tote bags, and all sorts of wearable accessories. The best thing about advertising on clothing is thatrepparttar 134960 advertisement is mobile—it goes wherever you go. The next time you get dressed to go out why not wear something that promotes your business? Don’t forget that you can give away things as well—imagine a hundred walking billboards for your website!

There are plenty of companies that will apply your brands to products. The cost is cheap andrepparttar 134961 rewards can be high, so what are you waiting for? Look through your local phonebook or do an internet search for companies that print to merchandise and then go get branding!

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Top 10 Tips TV Interview Success

Written by Joanne Mallon

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7. What to wear – avoid spots, stripes (including pinstripe shirts and suits) and small patterns – they makerepparttar camera go squiffy (‘strobing’ to be precise). Also avoid all black and white.

8. Ensure that everything about you is congruent withrepparttar 134888 message you are giving. If your message is sober, dress accordingly (leaverepparttar 134889 Homer Simpson tie at home).

9. Remember that virtually everyone who ever appeared on television (including famous people) felt nervous beforehand. Nerves just show you that you’re part ofrepparttar 134890 human race. Use your nerves to create energy.

10. Use your appearance to give yourepparttar 134891 most benefits. Tell your past, present and future clients all about it and if possible include a link to it on your website.

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