Your Website and your Brand

Written by Dom Moreci

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message, and to communicaterepparttar same message, we need to speakrepparttar 134803 same language. A company with a high-tech brand position would not do well with a traditional, corporate looking brochure. A company with a feminine image would not do well with a high-tech Website treatment. Picture a Website like done black and day-glow green! Or done is pastels with illustrations of flowers and waterfalls. Maybe it would help to think of it in terms of an established brand... likerepparttar 134804 GAP. The attitude ofrepparttar 134805 identity,repparttar 134806 feeling ofrepparttar 134807 stores,repparttar 134808 look ofrepparttar 134809 print ads andrepparttar 134810 essence ofrepparttar 134811 TV ad campaign all speakrepparttar 134812 same language. Andrepparttar 134813 Website is a direct reflection of all of these other elements. In fact most brick and mortar companies that have moved torepparttar 134814 Web are relying onrepparttar 134815 essence ofrepparttar 134816 established brand to influencerepparttar 134817 look ofrepparttar 134818 corresponding Website.

This is not to suggest that everything looks exactlyrepparttar 134819 same. The identity isrepparttar 134820 starting point, butrepparttar 134821 annual report,repparttar 134822 Website andrepparttar 134823 print ads are like different children ofrepparttar 134824 same family. Not exact knock-offs ofrepparttar 134825 original but similar enough show they are related.

The bottom line is thatrepparttar 134826 Website should look like it is a part ofrepparttar 134827 company or product it represents. Fonts, color, voice, and attitude should all be related acrossrepparttar 134828 marketing board. Similarly,repparttar 134829 website should communicate inrepparttar 134830 way a Website needs to communicate. It needs to feel like a Website, but it need to represent it's company's brand and image effectively. It must retainrepparttar 134831 integrity ofrepparttar 134832 brand.

Dom Moreci is the president of Plumbline Studios, inc. a brand identity and design firm located in Berkeley Ca. You can learn more about plumbline at

How to Get Your Visitors To "Tell A Friend"

Written by Dawn Gray

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2. CGI. I really like Birdcast at - it's what I use on my website. You can find more options on my Webmaster Resources page.

3. A service. Many remotely-hosted scripts are available. The most popular is Recommend-It at (which offers a contest as an incentive and allows you to add recommendation links torepparttar email you send out). There is also a free program called Let 'Em Know at which allows you to run your own contest for participants and probably offers more statistics. Either can be set up in 5 minutes or less.

Javascript and CGI scripts haverepparttar 134802 benefit of being completely under your control. You can customize them to work on your website and decide if and how visitors are notified aboutrepparttar 134803 origin of your script.

Services are easier to set up, but have to make a living somehow and may use advertising or big, tacky buttons with their name and/or logo in order to do so.

Don't delay! Set up a Tell-A-Friend system on your website to watchrepparttar 134804 number and quality of your visitors improve without raising a finger.

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