Your Website Could be Letting You Down.

Written by John Sheridan

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Anything containing textual content should as a matter of course be proofread: it's important that not only are mistakes in spelling, punctuation and grammar found and corrected, but thatrepparttar text flows smoothly forrepparttar 150718 reader. The copy on a website should not be treated asrepparttar 150719 'poor relation' ofrepparttar 150720 project. You can haverepparttar 150721 most up-to-date, eye-catching graphics available but you will still need well-written copy to compliment them.

There are vast amounts of web design companies around that will happily inform visitors how they can supply them with a state-of-the-art website but then insert second-rate copy, which totally negates any good work they have achieved. This will reducerepparttar 150722 initial impact ofrepparttar 150723 site, and more often than not will have an adverse effect on business.

Remember: if visitors to your site canít findrepparttar 150724 information they are looking for because of badly written copy they will simply leaverepparttar 150725 site. The only people to benefit will be your competitors.

Professional proofreader and copy-editor.

10 Important Web Design Tips: SEO Friendly Website

Written by Siuchu Suga

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7. Avoid using frames . Some search engines cannot spider web pages with frames at all. Forrepparttar other search engines that can, they can have problems spidering it and sometimes they too cannot indexrepparttar 150483 web page.

8. Avoid using too complex tables when laying out your page but to keep them simple forrepparttar 150484 spiders. There are some engines which find it difficult to navigate through torepparttar 150485 other pages on your website ifrepparttar 150486 navigation bar is too complicated.

9. Use external Cascading Style Sheets and Java Script files to reduce page size and makerepparttar 150487 download time much faster . It will allowrepparttar 150488 spider to index your web page faster and can help your ranking.

10. Use standard HTML . Software such as FrontPage, Dreamweaver or a WYSIWYG editor will often add unnecessary scripting codes that will makerepparttar 150489 page larger than it needed and make it harder to crawl. It will sometimes add codes that can't be read by search engines, causingrepparttar 150490 spider not to indexrepparttar 150491 page or not indexrepparttar 150492 whole web page. If to use, you should use those web page creator software wisely with a good understanding of html.

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