Your Proposal Was Rejected ... But Why?

Written by Diane Hughes

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Step Two - Ask Permission

Ask your prospects for permission to sendrepparttar questionnaire. This will give themrepparttar 149016 opportunity to refuse if they don’t care to participate.

Step Three - Sendrepparttar 149017 Form

Email works best in these situations, so, if possible, send your questions via email. Your prospects will have time to think aboutrepparttar 149018 answers and what information to provide.

If email is not possible, sendrepparttar 149019 form via postal mail. Be sure to include a postage-paid and addressed envelope.

One note: While follow-up is usually a good thing, in this case it’s not advisable. Ifrepparttar 149020 prospect is too busy or simply changed his/her mind about responding, let it go.

Step Four - LEARN!

When you get your responses, review them carefully. Don’t make radical adjustments based on one or two pieces of feedback. Instead, wait until you’ve collected several forms then look for trends.

If you see that most prospects are making reference torepparttar 149021 same things, you’ll know it’s time to make some changes.

By asking a few simple questions, you can find out an enormous amount of information that can help to turn losing proposals into winning ones. Simply be professional. While no one will win every project they bid on, with some “inside information” direct from your prospects, you’ll have a much better shot at creating winning RFPs inrepparttar 149022 future.

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Written by Ron Hutton

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