Your Personal Renaissance

Written by Julie Jordan Scott

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Inrepparttar Renaissance period of history,repparttar 124020 People coming out of repparttar 124021 Middle Ages began to look back torepparttar 124022 Classical Period of Greek and Roman history to glean what they could from thinkers such as Aristotle and Plato. Socrates and Epictetus. They did not want to go BACK torepparttar 124023 classical period: they wanted to learn repparttar 124024 lessons and apply those lessons to their lives more than twelve centuries later.

Inrepparttar 124025 Renaissance period of your life, may you look back at your history and learn from those significant lessons and applyrepparttar 124026 knowledge gained torepparttar 124027 person you are today 15, 20, 5 or 30 years later.

It is not hiding fromrepparttar 124028 past as many in Medieval times wanted to do, instead it is embracing it. Takingrepparttar 124029 time to understand it. And then leaving behind what does not fitrepparttar 124030 current you and transform what remains into something positively glorious.

When each one of us commits to our own renaissance,repparttar 124031 world as we know it can change. Committing to your awakening is also committing torepparttar 124032 planet. It is committing to your first grade teacher and your little league coach and your drama teacher and your grandparents.

It is saying "YES! I will leave this place better than when I arrived. I dedicate myself to rebirth in my life. I pledge to repparttar 124033 ongoing forward movement that comes with personal renaissance. And Yes, I commit to recognizing when hurdles show up in my path I will takerepparttar 124034 time to learnrepparttar 124035 lesson ofrepparttar 124036 hurdle and continuerepparttar 124037 path."

One of my favorite quotes is from American Poet, Robert Frost: "Two roads diverge in a wood, and I tookrepparttar 124038 one less traveled by, and that has made allrepparttar 124039 difference."

Expanding in Your New Renaissance will create an environment that will bring about amazing an transformation for all of us.

Here is your challenge: Create a pledge, commitment or dedication to your personal renaissance in your own words. Write them down. Speak them aloud. Memorize them.

Live accordingly.

You will make allrepparttar 124040 difference.

Julie Jordan Scott is a Personal Success Coach who left her career as a government bureaucrat and built a successful business in less than six months. Visit for free resources for YOUR success Contact Julie now to bring YOUR vision to life today.

The Hero's Journey

Written by Robert Knowlton

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Our job is to overcome these five hindrances.

In this Hero's Journey,repparttar hero is not some god or goddess. The hero is you andrepparttar 124019 hero is me. We are simple human beings who seek to develop awareness of who we are, what our strengths and gifts are, andrepparttar 124020 nature of our purpose so we can live happy, fulfilling lives.

Along this journey we unconsciously get caught by these distractions and diversions of restlessness, sloth, aversion, craving and doubt.

This is whererepparttar 124021 power of understanding your purpose comes in. The antidote to uncertainty and doubt is found in recognizing your strengths -- acknowledging your strengths. You, as your own hero, must uncover and accept your core qualities, your natural gifts, your purpose and your personal connection to something much larger -- your Vision. Without a solid foundation of self-understanding, you have no weapons with which to conquer doubt and other challenges.

Please note -- You don't have to do this work. I don't have to do this work. We don't have to examine our lives to survive and be comfortable...unless you believe Socrates who wrote, "The unexamined life is not worth living."

I have found, to be successful in living my hero's journey, it certainly helps to know I can summon, conjure up and count onrepparttar 124022 strengths within me to help me with my battles. It helps, but even knowing and accepting my strengths doesn't mean it's easy. And you know what? When I step back and look at my life objectively, despiterepparttar 124023 doubts, my purpose is always there to support me. I love what I do and my life is rich. It has taken time and effort and movement through lots of discomfort. Yet when I reflect on this journey I am more content, knowing I am following my true path even when I don't know where it will lead.

There is still a lot of work to do to keep from slipping into my comfort zone. Knowing I am not alone and that we are all on our own hero's journey helps me to battle through my doubts and distractions

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