Your Perfect Home Business May Be Right In Front of You!

Written by Angela Wu

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So how do you go about deciding on a business? Start by asking yourself several questions:

* What are your interests? What skills have you learned from your current job or your favorite hobbies? Do something you love... business doesn't have to be a chore, it can be a joy! If you're passionate about your business you'll work harder (and have fun while you're at it).

* Are you a 'people-person' or someone who prefers less customer contact? There are people who adore talking to others and excel at it... these people are far more likely to do well with businesses that require lots of face-to-face customer contact than people who are uncomfortable dealing with strangers. * What are your strengths and weaknesses? An honest assessment can help you decide which business ideas are realistic and which are fantasy. For instance, an excellent writer won't necessarily be a great proofreader, which requires a high attention to detail.

* How much time, money, and effort can you realistically devote to a business? Every business is different... some require more financial resources upfront, while others require very little. Likewise, with some businesses you may see a profit in very little time (ie. dog-walking or an errand service), while with others it make take a year or more.

Take a good look at your skills and your interests... Your perfect home business could be staring you right inrepparttar face. Imaginerepparttar 117493 possibilities!


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What Do You Expect?

Written by Dave Balch

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Now turn it around. What do YOUR customers expect when they come to do business with YOU?

If your website is bright, cheery, and happy, you raiserepparttar expectations of your visitors. It their expectations are high, they will LOOK for things to support that expectation. If your store is clean, well lit, and creates a mood of competence and confidence, your customers will feel good about it before they even get completely throughrepparttar 117492 door. They will expect to have a good experience, and they probably will.

Think of it as a strategy to get your customers working for you, putting their own energy intorepparttar 117493 success of your relationship. If they expect a good experience, they will help you give it to them.

What can you do, then, to get them to expectrepparttar 117494 best? Turn it around again… what is it that others do that raise your own expectations? It is true that what works for you won't necessarily work for others, but onrepparttar 117495 other hand you will not please everyone no matter what you do. So make an environment that is 'you' and who you are, and your own comfort level will shine through and enable you to be your very best.

And when you are your best, you're already raising their expectations and settingrepparttar 117496 stage for a good experience for everyone.

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