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Another change that I've wanted to make also involved subdomains, but with a twist. I wanted to create a subdomain of which called up a search engine on My old ISPs would not make this change - not one of them. Yet it was a simple one line entry inrepparttar nameserver. Now I can make these changes myself.

But a problem soon introduced itself. You see,repparttar 134443 name server is actually entered intorepparttar 134444 domain definition atrepparttar 134445 domain registrar. This more or less informsrepparttar 134446 internet where to find your site, email server, subdomains and so on.

Registrars require at least two name servers. My site only had one. I could have defined two by asking my dedicated hosting company for another IP address, but this had a problem. The reason for requiring two name servers is redundancy. If both IP addresses are onrepparttar 134447 same machine, then that redundancy does not exist.

I needed another name server somewhere else onrepparttar 134448 internet. A little searching and I found one.

This is a free service which allows people with exactlyrepparttar 134449 same problem that I was facing to create their own name server entries. You simply enterrepparttar 134450 domain name, your email address andrepparttar 134451 raw DNS server table forrepparttar 134452 domain. These DNS server tables are a little tricky to set up, butrepparttar 134453 service provides excellent documentation and will not allow an invalid entry to be set up.

So what do you do? You create your entries at this service, then modify your domain atrepparttar 134454 registrar to use them (wait a couple of days after defining them, however).

I believe you can use this service even if you host your site on a normal shared host (and possibly even a free host). You would need to set up your site normally and getrepparttar 134455 ISP to set up their name servers as appropriate. Once that was done, you could go to and define your own name server entries, then proceed torepparttar 134456 registrar a couple of days later to use those entries. Theoretically this should work fine.

What isrepparttar 134457 bottom line? If you are using a dedicated host or you want to gain some measure of control over your name servers, you can now do so. This will enable you to do what you need without paying high costs or begging your ISP for a favor.

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Why a web site, and why web hosting?

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A website is your identity onrepparttar Internet, kind of like an interactive 'business card'. It can berepparttar 134442 prospective client’s first point of contact, presented by a knockout, easily updated, design, your site can sell you, your products and your services. Once you have organised your web site and patted yourself onrepparttar 134443 back, that you have made your first flight into 'cyberspace', your next step is to have somewhere to 'dock' it, a place to put your website. A place such as - a 'web host' a place to 'host' your web site. A web hosting company provides a space for you to put your web page documents (FrontPage, Dreamweaver files), images (gifs, jpgs), and more advanced pages such as ASP's, those pages that have intelligence behind them creating such items as forms, news, bbs, chat; interaction. Ifrepparttar 134444 Host is clever enough, friendly, supportful; it will offer a whole range of facilities, that you or your webmaster can take advantage of, to create an interactive, humanised, mechanised and automated business presence, onrepparttar 134445 Internet. For businesses inrepparttar 134446 new millennium there is no future without an Internet presence. Trade costs will lower; communication will get smarter and faster. Reliability will be greater. Thus there will be a vast gap between businesses with Net presence and those without. Every one will have a presence onrepparttar 134447 Internet some day, wether it is a corporate business, Aunty Flo's bric-a-brac stall, orrepparttar 134448 family's photo library. Alec Ellis - GloPro - is your No.1 provider of multiple website web hosting for Windows 2000. The lowest priced web hosting accounts with multiple websites and multiple SQL Server databases per web account makes unbeatable value for your web hosting needs - save $100's of per month. Unbeatable prices, fantastic service and powerful features make first in web hosting.

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