Your Newsletters Are Pretty Lame If You Are Doing These 7 Things

Written by Gina Stathopoulos

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Unfortunately, most newsletter publishers don’t userepparttar power of articles. You see, when you don’t put effort into it, I know you went to an article directory, selected an article, joined it’s affiliate program and just stuck it in your ‘newsletter’ with nothing else but your name and contact details. Not good.

Something to take with you: “Gorepparttar 124190 extra mile. It’s not crowded.”

5. Not telling people abit about yourself

Give readers a sense of you. We are curious creatures and want to know abit about people we associate with. You do want to bond with your readers, don’t you? Then your name and website address atrepparttar 124191 bottom of your email won’t accomplish much.

The best newsletters I subscribe to, without fail, always include a small paragraph inrepparttar 124192 beginning about themselves.

Tell readers something and keep it short and sweet. Don’t go torepparttar 124193 other extreme and devote your newsletters to talk about yourself. Boring.

Something to take with you: “Balance is what we are looking for here.”

6. Giving subscribers info that is so basic, they can tell you are new to this

Your defense may be that you are catering to newbie internet marketers so your information has to be basic. Okay, let’s put it another way. Last time I checked there were 55,000 people looking for internet marketing. Do you believe all those are new to this?

There are many types of products to do with internet marketing like ebooks, newsletters, autoresponders etc. An internet marketer needs a variety of products to build and run their business.

Consider something else. Who else buys your products? Answer: Affiliates. So at most times you are dealing with people with a higher level of experience.

Let me give you an example of what I consider basic information. If you write an article telling me why I need an email service then this won’t make an impression on me. I already know this. And if I was a newbie, I would know this too because I would’ve come across it hundreds of times before from other people who rehashrepparttar 124194 same information.

Onrepparttar 124195 other hand, I may not know whatrepparttar 124196 best email services are and why. So tell me.

Something to take with you: “Do some research. It always pays off.”

7. The biggest booboo of them all

I was stunned. Are people this dumb?

About a month ago, I subscribed to a bunch of internet marketing newsletters. I don’t remember now from where. Pity.

Well, I receivedrepparttar 124197 autoresponders, as all newsletters begin. Allrepparttar 124198 same. I receivedrepparttar 124199 first newsletters, second newsletters, third newsletters. (then I unsubscribed from them all). Allrepparttar 124200 same.

Word for word they were allrepparttar 124201 same. The only thing that changed wasrepparttar 124202 contact details of these people.

I found out later that you can pay for a service and they will write your newsletters and send them off for you, with your name and contract details of course. You join their affiliate program and you make your money that way. Well, that’srepparttar 124203 theory anyway.

Doesn’t work. Write your own newsletters.

Something to take with you: “Email is a powerful medium. Are you using or abusing its power?”

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Want to start a publishing revolution?

Written by Martin Day

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Want a snapshot of opinion? Did they like that article? Did your readers agree with what was said or do they takerepparttar opposite view?

Now it's easy

Inrepparttar 124189 past surveys would have taken considerable effort to design and publish and altogether was a process too long winded and therefore reserved forrepparttar 124190 niche and bigger topics.

However, using sites like surveys and questionnaires can be created and published viarepparttar 124191 internet by anyone who has a pulse. Professional looking surveys and questionnaires created in minutes that makerepparttar 124192 perfect compliment to articles that prompt opinion and debate.

The advantage over letters and e-mails are that allrepparttar 124193 feedback is managed and measured and sites like Survey Galaxy will provide you with a real time poll that you can either keep to yourself or share with your readers.

It's not even one orrepparttar 124194 other now

Link each article to an online survey and not only extendrepparttar 124195 life ofrepparttar 124196 article as people have a channel to express their views, but involve your readers inrepparttar 124197 discussion where they now know their opinion will be counted.

You think they would rather send an email? - no problem - includerepparttar 124198 facility withinrepparttar 124199 survey and getrepparttar 124200 best of both worlds.

It's fast, low cost, and easy to do; it will engage and empowerrepparttar 124201 reader, provide excellent feedback and having established a dialogue you then haverepparttar 124202 opportunity to link to other related articles.

Try it now and register your opinion of this article here:-

Martin Day is a Director of Survey Galaxy Ltd. For more information please visit

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