Your Name on the Line

Written by By Val .K.

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When trouble comes it does so in pairs. For phishing mail—like Bonnie and Clyde—don't operate alone. It also has an even more deceptive collaborator. Its name pharming. Or website fake. And this is rife—there may be 10 or more falsies for every genuine website.

The modus operendi of spammers are becoming nastier byrepparttar day. I know of some phishing mails which compromise your email box when you open them. Some pharming techniques are know to target web browsers like Microsoft's Internet Explorer. The purpose, redirection. So when you type a URL of an authentic website, say,, it takes you not to American Online but to bogus website. And be preyed upon. Cyberspace is notrepparttar 142974 nirvana you thought it was.

Because "Dragons" so says one writer "live there." Andrepparttar 142975 dragons—a dishonest few with criminal intent—are out to get us. But while we wait for Saint George or a group of dragon slayers to deliver us from this menace, I have a siesta. And I dream. And in my dream I find myself teleported intorepparttar 142976 role playing game Dungeons and Dragons, and chased by goblins, wizards and warlocks.

And I flee into a nearby tower and bolt its immense door. My adversaries are outside, thirsty for my blood. I climb its stairs torepparttar 142977 top. I peer down. I see them produce, a battering ram. . . .Suddenly I awake to sharp raps on my door. I start. Could it be Interpol come to take me away? My fear returns with a vengeance. I hear a voice. And heave a sigh of relief. It was notrepparttar 142978 cops after all. But a friend.

Val .K. is a poet, and a nature lover. A collection of his poems "Without a Name" will soon be published by AuthorHouse, U.S.A. For personal contact, send mails to:

Val .K. is a free lance writer, a book review, a poet and a nature lover.

How your business can save money with VoIP

Written by Louis Philip

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1) Conference calling, "caller-ID", Call waiting and numerous other similar features.

3) Instant messaging, file sharing and other instant messaging type features.

2) Numerous add-ons or plug-ins, many of them are free, give you additional features such as a Skype Answering machine, Microsoft Outlook integration, even a Video for Skype option. All Skype add-ons can be found at largest Skype resource site onrepparttar 142933 web.

If you decide that you find Skype convenient you may eventually want to consider some of Skype's premium services:

1) Skype Voicemail at ~19$ a year (that is about ~1.50$ per month,

2) Calling "external phone numbers", About 2 cents a minute for almost anywhere onrepparttar 142934 planet! (Skype to Skype calls are always free)

3) An incoming phone number with almost any area code inrepparttar 142935 US, England, much of Europe and even in China for around ~39$ a year (that is ~3.50$ per month and they throw in voicemail)

Once you get going with Skype you will find that it starts to grow on you. I haven't replaced my regular phone with Skype but it has become my second phone line and I use it frequently. If you are interested in Skype, then download Skype for free at

Once you have Skype, you can find a Skype phone, add-on or community at There you will find allrepparttar 142936 Skype add-ons (or plug-ins) that you want along with a growing list of Skype business services.

Louis Philip is the owner of where he writes about the world of Skype and maintains the largest Skype resource site on the web. He can be reached by e-mail:

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