Your Mind is a Battlefield

Written by Daniel N Brown

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Are you focused at all? You see, it's right there whererepparttar battle is won or lost! Satan will do everything in his power to deter you fromrepparttar 142871 dream God has shown you. He wants to set up strongholds in your life to hold you in bondage due to a certain way of thinking. This certain way of thinking is causng you to not believe.

Understand thatrepparttar 142872 devil is more focused on your dream than you are! And he is determined to keep you from it. If he can keep you from achieving your objectives, he doesn't have to be as concerned about you interfering with his.

Your mind is a battlefield, and if you're going to win, you got to know howrepparttar 142873 game is played.

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How To Stop Computers Stressing You Out

Written by Trevor Dumbleton

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Another way to protect your computer is to shut it down properly. Many people simply hitrepparttar power button without shutting downrepparttar 142832 machine first. This is a serious danger, as it can damagerepparttar 142833 delicate circuits ofrepparttar 142834 computer. Run your computer through its shutdown system and wait until it either turns itself off, or it tells you that it is time to turn it off. This may not seem like a big deal to some, but it can damage your computer inrepparttar 142835 long run.

Computer stress can also simply arise from sitting in front ofrepparttar 142836 silly thing so long that you realize you do not know what you are looking at any more. You know you need to get work done onrepparttar 142837 silly machine, but you haven't gotten anything done andrepparttar 142838 deadline is looming and you need more time, but there isn't any andů just slow down. If you are not getting anything done, they save yourself some computer stress by walking away. If you are at work, lock your screen and wanderrepparttar 142839 hallways for a bit. If you are at home, get up and go make yourself a sandwich or something. Just walk away and you will save yourself a lot of stress over something that is really not a big deal.

One ofrepparttar 142840 problems with living inrepparttar 142841 computer age is, simply,repparttar 142842 computer. However, it is only a machine and you can learn to control it without it controlling you. Your computer is a tool no different than a hammer or a crowbar. So save yourself from computer stress and you won't feel compelled to use a hammer or a crowbar onrepparttar 142843 computer that is supposed to make your life easier. is a categorized resource directory for everything to do with stress. Get a free ebook to help with your stress levels:

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