Your Metabolism and Fat Loss

Written by Anthony Ellis

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Finally,repparttar RMR refers torepparttar 105977 number of caloriesrepparttar 105978 body needs to run its essential functions, as well as chemical reactions while in a rested state. This aspect of metabolism accounts forrepparttar 105979 greatest number of calories burned every day. What happens is that if lean weight should be lost because of increased protein metabolism, then RMR decreases. Typically, you would see this happen when a person goes on a very strict diet. In this situation,repparttar 105980 body is forced into a negative nitrogen balance, which means a greater amount of protein is lost than what is replaced because of less protein/energy intake. When this imbalance occurs, there is a gradual loss of lean weight, which then lowers RMR.

What happens many times is that dieters will limitrepparttar 105981 amount of lean weight loss with intense exercise forrepparttar 105982 muscles to develop a need to maintain more protein. When this happens,repparttar 105983 body is forced to use more energy from stored fats. If you want to put your metabolism to work for you, some simple steps can be taken:

* By adding a few extra pounds of lean muscle,repparttar 105984 metabolic rate can be increased by up to 200% each day * Remember that lean weight can burn as much as 20 times more calories than fat weight * Regular exercise is one ofrepparttar 105985 best ways to boost metabolism * By eating smaller meals and more often, you can boost your metabolism rate

While you need to eat healthy foods, studies prove that what matters most is how much of a person's body weight is attributed to fat. Remember, excess fat is what links to major health problems. Therefore, it is important that you maintain a healthy weight but more crucial that you monitorrepparttar 105986 fat-to-muscle ratio.

For example, a woman standing 5'5" might weigh only 125 pounds but have a 27% body fat ratio, which is not good. This individual worked hard to diet, while staying involved with aerobics. However, much of what she lost was not fat, but muscle. Even though this weight would be considered ideal for her height, her body fat to muscle ratio is too high.

An excellent way to optimize your fat-to-muscle ratio is by getting involved with weight training in addition torepparttar 105987 nutrition and cardio. As you will see withrepparttar 105988 tools provided at, you can analyzerepparttar 105989 thickness ofrepparttar 105990 subcutaneous fat at various areas ofrepparttar 105991 body. The benefit is that you know exactly what your ratios are so you can achieve a healthy fat-to-muscle ratio as well as body weight.

Remember, you are in control and need to makerepparttar 105992 decision to do something good for yourself. Therefore, now isrepparttar 105993 time to take that control and fight to live a lean and healthy lifestyle.

Fitness Consultant Anthony Ellis has helped thousands of individuals lose fat and build more muscle. To read more about his fat loss recommendations please check out his site at

Negative Calorie Foods FAQs

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  • What is a diet?
    A diet is a combination of a balanced selection of foods. A good diet is one that includes all major food groups.
  • Is a diet with negative calorie foods possible?
    A diet with negative calorie foods as main ingredients is infact good for weight loss and to control cholesterol. Such a negative calorie diet should include as much negative calorie foods as possible fromrepparttar list of negative calorie foods.

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