Your Life - Your Values

Written by Myrtis Smith

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So how do your values and goals line up? What are things that you SAY are important to you? Do your actions support those things? Do you feel like there is a disconnect in your life? Take a few moments to list all ofrepparttar things that you consider important. Some ideas include family, career, spirituality, life-long learning, having fun, helping others, andrepparttar 123895 list goes on. Prioritize you top 3. Now pull out your day planner; are your daily activities supporting those 3 values? What can you do to reorient your life around your values?

Myrtis Smith is a career coach and the founder of Premeditated Life. At Premeditated Life, we have one focus: Your Career. We offer services to support your career goals, whether you are in transition, need help with your job search or want to improve your professional skills. For a FREE Career Assessment email:

Are You Suffering From.... Paralysis Of Analysis?

Written by Livvie Matthews

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We are ofrepparttar opinion it has to be "perfect" before we can actually begin whatever it is we are trying to do.

We are stopped because we analyze this, and we analyze that, then....we analyzerepparttar 123894 analysis. By that time we have contracted.....Paralysis Of Analysis.

So what can you do to getrepparttar 123895 "feeling" back? To coin a phrase....."Just do it"!.....It doesn't have to be perfect. In fact, it won't ever be...perfect.

The term Ready, Aim, Fire comes to mind, however we need to.... Ready, FIRE, and then Aim. The point is to move yourself forward. You can always go back and make changes, fine tune it, ....."tweak" it. That comes from gaining knowledge and experience.

Now write that article, send it, that web site, publish it,......research that business, open it...... then go back and "tweak" it.

The fact you are reading this "published" (completed) article is a step..... onrepparttar 123896 road to recovery!

Livvie Matthews helps individuals and businesses turn their knowledge into great-selling tips booklets. For more information contact Livvie at or visit

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