Your June 2002 Aromatic Horoscope

Written by Francoise Rapp

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-3 drops of Rose -7 drops of Bergamot -6 drops of Marjoram

Anointrepparttar solar plexus, heart and abdomen. Breathe it in.

******** SAGITTARIUS ******** Think about future plans for your work and/or love life. Write down everything in your journal. It's time to take a significant step.

Use this blend to find clarity in your thoughts and realize what your heart desires.

-9 drops of Sandalwood -3 drops of Rose otto -6 drops of Sage

Anointrepparttar 122415 heart chakra, forehead and temples.

******** CAPRICORN ******** Pay attention to your emotional neediness this month. You may find yourself more demanding of affection than usual. Don't be hard on yourself, just find alternatives to nurture yourself and not overpower your partner.

Use this blend to calm and soothe your emotions.

-2 drops of Rose otto -7 drops of Petitgrain -8 drops of Orange

Anointrepparttar 122416 heart chakra and solar plexus. Breathe in deeply.

******** AQUARIUS ******** Have you been dishonest with a loved one and yourself lately? Be careful: certain mistakes lead friends to be lost forever.

Use this blend to bring up compassion and understanding about your past.

-9 drops of Orange -4 drops of Jasmine otto -3 drops of Rose

Anointrepparttar 122417 solar plexus, heart chakra.

******** PISCES ******** Your creativity, skills and talent are greatly appreciated this month and will make a favorable impression at work. Continue on this path and be sure not to avoid socializing and enjoying family moments.

This blend will allow you to enjoy allrepparttar 122418 aspects of your life and feel more balanced.

-7 drops of Lavender -6 drops of Marjoram -7 drops of Sandalwood

Anoint all ofrepparttar 122419 chakras.

******** ARIES ******** Think before you act or speak and communicate coherently what's on your mind and in your heart. Meanwhile, socialize, invite friends for dinner, meet new people and just have fun!

-7 drops of Orange -5 drops of Rosemary -8 drops of Bergamot

Anointrepparttar 122420 solar plexus. Breathe in.

******** TAURUS ******** This month, focus on your home and improving your finances. Work on your savings and evaluate what will make your love nest more comfortable.

Use this blend to boost your morale and expand your visions.

-6 drops of Juniper -6 drops of Sage -6 drops of Cypress

Anointrepparttar 122421 solar plexus, forehead, temples.

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Crystal wearing

Written by Theresa Jodray

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If worn close to ones neck,repparttar crystal will stimulaterepparttar 122414 thyroid and parathyroid glands. This is said to be excellent for respiratory problems such as congestion and sore throats. When worn overrepparttar 122415 heart,repparttar 122416 crystal stimulatesrepparttar 122417 thymus glands and increasesrepparttar 122418 efficiency ofrepparttar 122419 immune system for defense against disease. Wearing a crystal overrepparttar 122420 solar plexus will cause a stimulation in total body energies but also can increase your emotional field. Sometimes this is NOT wanted.

One should wear quartz crystals though lead crystal maybe hung inrepparttar 122421 sunlight to create beautiful rainbows within ones home. Rose quartz isrepparttar 122422 stone found most effective for emotional balance for heart problems. Citrine quartz works well for balancingrepparttar 122423 lower energy centers, includingrepparttar 122424 sex center. Wearing either or both should help maintain balance.

" Theresa F. Jodray holds her Masters in the Science of Parapsychic Science. She is a freelance photographer and writer whose uninhibited work inspires people in all walks of life, including other photographers and artists, several of whom have publicly praised her work. "

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