Your Home and Your Golden Years

Written by Lois A. Vitt

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* And how long will you be able to drive in order to take care of your personal needs and enjoyrepparttar company of others?

* Can you plan for alternatives to personal driving?

* Are their resources available to provide assistance with daily living when you are atrepparttar 143215 point of needing help?

If you are willing to consider these contingencies and plan for aid inrepparttar 143216 future, will your budget accommodate those changes to your lifestyle?

As you seek answers to these difficult questions in order to make a long-term housing decision, keep in mind that we rarely make such decisions onrepparttar 143217 basis of hard financial facts and physical realities.

You have a housing history which includesrepparttar 143218 values, wants and needs associated with every place you've ever called “home.” It is possible that you are unwittingly clinging to psychological needs and wants from your childhood, perhaps related to early housing dreams unfulfilled.

Your housing decisions are about everything in your life, present and past. The more you can learn about your personal housing psychology, that place where human interaction -repparttar 143219 role of “place” in our lives - and finance all come together,repparttar 143220 more likely you are to makerepparttar 143221 right decision about remaining in your home through your final years.

Lois A. Vitt is a housing expert and financial sociologist, and is the author of "10 Secrets to Successful Home Buying and Selling: Using Your Housing Psychology to Make Smarter Decisions", the first book in the real estate market to demystify the psychological forces behind our housing decisions. To learn more about Lois and this book, visit

Have your name removed from Telemarketing Lists and DMA

Written by Max Penn

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There is perhaps a place for employing inmates (the old cliché of inmates making license plates come to mind); however, using felons to gather personal information about you and your family is clearly a problem.

Even if you never deal with telemarketers, there is stillrepparttar potential of finding your personal information inrepparttar 143182 hands of convicted and incarcerated felons, since direct marketing lists are sold and rented among various businesses.

For people who want to receive marketing offers inrepparttar 143183 mail and have their names and addresses sold to other companies, there should be an "opt-in" option (i.e., "Initial here if we may use your name and address for marketing purposes.") Unfortunately, this is notrepparttar 143184 case, and most companies just assume that once you conduct business with them your personal information is theirs to do with as they please.


While there is no "opt-in" option available, there is an "opt-out" one available.

Because most reputable businesses that engage in direct marketing (sending junk mail) are members ofrepparttar 143185 Direct Marketing Association(DMA), you can notifyrepparttar 143186 DMA Mail Preference Service andrepparttar 143187 DMA Telephone Preference Service that you do not wish to receive direct marketing ads and calls from telemarketers, and they will add you to a database of names and addresses to be excluded from mailing and telemarketing lists.

Of course,repparttar 143188 DMA can do noting to limit junk mail from companies that do not subscribe to it, so this is not an all-inclusive way to get rid of junk mail. However, opting out withrepparttar 143189 DMA is a free service; all it takes is a few moments of your time and a couple of postage stamps.

To have your name removed from member mailing and/or telemarketing lists, contactrepparttar 143190 DMA atrepparttar 143191 following addresses:

Mail Preference Service Direct Marketing Association P.O. Box 9008 Farmingdale, NY 11735


Telephone Preference Service Direct Marketing Association P.O. Box 9008 Farmingdale, NY 11735

Max Penn is the man behind the respected Spy equipment buying guide site. You can learn and benefit from his unique privacy, surveillance and antisurveillance knowledge by signing up for his free spy equipment & techniques newsletter at Spy Gear & Tech Xpress Newsletter page

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