Your Government at Work: Gitmo Torture and Beyond

Written by Scott C. Smith

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Now, why would a Department of Defense interrogator impersonate an FBI agent? As we can see fromrepparttar memorandum,repparttar 143131 answer is pretty clear:repparttar 143132 interrogators used forms of torture not approved byrepparttar 143133 FBI. Which probably goes beyond a fraternity hazing, and perhaps edges closer torepparttar 143134 techniques employed by Saddam Hussein’s regime.

As far as allegations that a copy ofrepparttar 143135 Quran had been flushed in a toilet,repparttar 143136 Associated Press reported on May 26 thatrepparttar 143137 prisoner who maderepparttar 143138 claim had since retracted his story. But military investigators did uncover five instances whererepparttar 143139 Quran was “mishandled.” Brig. Gen. Jay W. Wood,repparttar 143140 commander ofrepparttar 143141 detention center at Guantanamo Bay, told reporters that a military investigation did uncover five instances whererepparttar 143142 Quran was mishandled: four by guards, and one time by an interrogator.

The FBI documents outline other allegations of abuse at Gitmo, including detainee reports of being beaten by guards, and in one instance,repparttar 143143 sexual assault of a detainee. In April 2003, a detainee reported that a female guard had fondled his genitals while male guards held him down. The female guard toldrepparttar 143144 detainee that she was having her menstrual period and proceeded to wipe blood onrepparttar 143145 detainee.

Aren’t we supposed to be better than this? Prisoner abuse is something done by our enemies, not us. And yet, in every instance where someone fromrepparttar 143146 Bush administration tried to explain awayrepparttar 143147 abuse as “isolated,” we discover thatrepparttar 143148 abuse was not isolated, and ifrepparttar 143149 FBI documents are any indication,repparttar 143150 abuse is widespread and frequent. Yet no one fromrepparttar 143151 Department of Defense or Justice Department are being held accountable forrepparttar 143152 abuse of prisoners. And probably never will. After all,repparttar 143153 Bush administration had its “accountability” moment inrepparttar 143154 2004 election; top-level officials have nothing to worry about. And we can all pretend thatrepparttar 143155 most important issues ofrepparttar 143156 day arerepparttar 143157 appointment of a handful of President Bush’s judicial nominees to various courts. We’ll just lookrepparttar 143158 other way when it comes to torture and violations ofrepparttar 143159 Geneva Convention. Oh, and Social Security, that’s a pretty important national discussion. Prisoner abuse? Who cares? Give merepparttar 143160 remote control; it’s time to watchrepparttar 143161 latest news onrepparttar 143162 Michael Jackson trial.

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Written by Doug Krieger

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Thus,repparttar classical American struggle betweenrepparttar 142982 Romans andrepparttar 142983 Greeks abides—indeed, this isrepparttar 142984 bane ofrepparttar 142985 West; a house divided. And, likerepparttar 142986 Romans of old, Empire simply cannot be maintained byrepparttar 142987 wishy-washy Greeks with their democratic ideals and excesses. No,repparttar 142988 artsy-craftsy crowd cannot be trusted to extendrepparttar 142989 designs of Empire—perhaps to entertain, but never to extend. To despiserepparttar 142990 religious under girding provided torepparttar 142991 Empire by absolutes does great disservice to a most mandatory ingredient for rule and reign . . . oncerepparttar 142992 masses entertainrepparttar 142993 ethereal world of grays and relativism, we are doomed. Rather to haverepparttar 142994 likes of Howard Dean demonstraterepparttar 142995 absurdity (at best) of Grecian disunity (with all their little city states andrepparttar 142996 like), opposed torepparttar 142997 centrality of dominion wrought alone byrepparttar 142998 New Rome—no wonderrepparttar 142999 absolute abandonment and appealrepparttar 143000 Papal funeral held for patriotic Americans!

What bogglesrepparttar 143001 minds of high brow sophisticates isrepparttar 143002 American penchant for all things evil: “Evil Empire,” “Axis of Evil.” They cringe every time a witch hunt is launched and view our proclivities towardrepparttar 143003 supernatural struggle of “good and evil” as a national character defect—utterly self-destructive! Yet even they—reluctantly leaping in blind faith—admit (tongue in cheek) that Bush, et al, are driven byrepparttar 143004 underworld itself in their crusade againstrepparttar 143005 “evil doers.” Alas! We’ve succumbed torepparttar 143006 dark side ofrepparttar 143007 force!

These nonchalant “Air America blasphemers” abhor all things Christian Reconstructionist and “other worldly” to be onrepparttar 143008 verge of idiocy (at best) and downright historically dangerous at its worst—especially in today’s tectonic upheavals and their clash of civilizations, arousing one fundamentalist plate (conservative Christianity) againstrepparttar 143009 other fundamentalist plate (radical Islam) until a resultant great quake gyratesrepparttar 143010 planet off its axis.

It matters little to these Greeks, whose broad brush strokes paint all those who embracerepparttar 143011 supernatural in one fell swoop, that glaring nuances exist amongst believers—throwrepparttar 143012 lot of them out, baby with bath water is O.K. All Romans are nothing more than cultural barbarians bent on explainingrepparttar 143013 universe in black and white, “for us or against us!”

I am not gyrating all overrepparttar 143014 page here . . . there is a tension inrepparttar 143015 West that is built into our very psyche. This tension I have discussed inrepparttar 143016 past (Of Greeks and Romans); however,repparttar 143017 Bible does NOT speak of a revived Grecian Empire or of an incarnate Alexanderrepparttar 143018 Great as Antichrist. It speaks of an end time whereinrepparttar 143019 earth will once again seerepparttar 143020 glory that was Rome—much torepparttar 143021 chagrin of Howard Dean, Michael Moore, and Al Franken. It hails a Caesar who will one day countenancerepparttar 143022 warlike thought to go forth conquering and to conquer untilrepparttar 143023 Kings ofrepparttar 143024 East andrepparttar 143025 forces of Western Empire collide in a supernova of cataclysmic rage: Armageddon. Much of our writings detailrepparttar 143026 biblical dimensions ofrepparttar 143027 aforesaid—this article is not designed to substantiate these apocalyptic profundities; however, be aware, they are unalterable and designed to rattlerepparttar 143028 effete cage of Greeks, and ultimately Romans.

The persistence of this Babylonian tension—this Greco-Roman ordeal—is but a sidebar torepparttar 143029 real intensions ofrepparttar 143030 spirit of Antichrist who is already inrepparttar 143031 world, awaiting his day of full revelation and embodiment. Reminiscent of Germany’s Cabaret Society and its anti-Hitlerian sarcasms,repparttar 143032 comedians ofrepparttar 143033 American Left predict their own demise—a striking resemblance to a time just prior to its prototype’s extinction, as Nazism purged Germany of such corruptible levels of Aryan society. Of primary interest to us isrepparttar 143034 overt role that Christians of faith have taken inrepparttar 143035 eyes ofrepparttar 143036 world, ofrepparttar 143037 Greeks among us—how easy it is to seerepparttar 143038 great majority of believers descend intorepparttar 143039 darkness of an apostate system of State-sponsored patriotism gone amok.

The seeds of intense spite have been sown long ago whereinrepparttar 143040 children of darkness are at great odds withrepparttar 143041 children of light; however, when apostasy reigns, as it assuredly does in today’s America, then are we obliged to considerrepparttar 143042 ultimate demise of all fallen religion, especiallyrepparttar 143043 so-called Christian religion, whenrepparttar 143044 State shall turn against her moral covering—having adjudged her use as pitiful and contemptuous:

“Andrepparttar 143045 ten horns which you saw onrepparttar 143046 beast, these will haterepparttar 143047 harlot, make her desolate and naked, eat her flesh and burn her with fire . . . andrepparttar 143048 woman whom you saw is that great city which reigns overrepparttar 143049 kings ofrepparttar 143050 earth” (Revelation 17:16 & 18).

The story of Jezebel and King Ahab, of Church/State apostasy, is absolutely in view in this prophetical unfolding of end time’s carnage. “These ten” arerepparttar 143051 ten toes, horns and kings of Nebuchadnezzar’s Image. These are destined to turn againstrepparttar 143052 apostate whore who ridesrepparttar 143053 political Beast ofrepparttar 143054 Last Days . . .repparttar 143055 head of allrepparttar 143056 ten heads of a Revived Rome.

Friends . . . what you are witnessing in Howard Dean’s asinine remarks (be very clear) are naught butrepparttar 143057 whining of a wimpish Greek who knows full well that only Rome can sustain and expandrepparttar 143058 insatiable quest for Empire—economic, political, and (yes), religious! Only Rome’s military machine can avertrepparttar 143059 collapse ofrepparttar 143060 New World Order . . . yes, perpetual, incessant war isrepparttar 143061 only means by which Empire can be secured . . . yet, does it not bring about Pax Romana,repparttar 143062 “Peace of Rome?”


Each day brings us closer—closer to His coming, His direct intervention intorepparttar 143063 affairs of history when “all eyes shall see Him.” Jesus did NOT paint a rosy picture concluding earth’s present dispensation; but He did offer everlasting hope to those attentive to “look up, for your redemption draws nigh!”

Mayrepparttar 143064 Lord enable us all to seerepparttar 143065 futility of these political machinations andrepparttar 143066 subterfuge embedded in their endless posturing—none of which giverepparttar 143067 promise ofrepparttar 143068 life to come, nor of present grace to sustain, asrepparttar 143069 forces of darkness gather for that fateful day. Our gaze is upon Him Who alone provides all we’ll ever need.

I know that a diatribe on Howard Dean is hardlyrepparttar 143070 place to reflect uponrepparttar 143071 words of A. B. Simpson, that great saint whose missionary zeal launchedrepparttar 143072 Christian and Missionary Alliance. Yet, how rare it is to hear his resounding encouragements amidstrepparttar 143073 vain prattling filling our media today:

Once it wasrepparttar 143074 blessing, Now it isrepparttar 143075 Lord; Once it wasrepparttar 143076 feeling, Now it is His Word; Once His gift I wanted, Now,repparttar 143077 Giver own; Once I sought for healing, Now himself alone. Once it was my working, His it hence shall be; Once I tried to use Him, Now He uses me; Oncerepparttar 143078 pow'r I wanted, Nowrepparttar 143079 Mighty One; Once for self I labored, Now for Him alone.

Doug is team member of The Tribulation Network . . . an evangelical Christian blog involving news analysis of Religion and Politics from a "prophetic perspective."

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