Your Glass Is Half Full!

Written by Liz Wertman

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Even after a traumatic experience like death or divorce, you must look atrepparttar positive side of your life. Don't continually look at what you don't have in your life, there really isnít any point to that, this attitude is non-productive. Look at what you DO have!

Write down on a piece of paper everything in your life that you like. Write down everything in your life that is going well for you. Some of these positive points would be, your children, your health, your family, and your friends. You can expand on that. Get all negativity out of your mind! Write down everything you like about yourself personally. Your kindness, your strength, your compassion, your intelligence. Include what you think isrepparttar 101980 smallest detail. If itís part of your life then there isnít any small detail. Do you have nice eyes? Put that down!

Watch your list grow!!! Keep this list and review it every time you feel dissatisfied. Over time you will not need to look atrepparttar 101981 list on paper, you will haverepparttar 101982 security of knowing what a wonderful blessed person you really are!

Your glass is not only half full, itís filling up fast!!

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Track Your Achievements to Ensure Your Success

Written by Josh Hinds

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My friend, I encourage you to track your achievements. Don't simply cross out your goals as you achieve them. Instead write them out (keep your own success journal). Save them for future reference so thatrepparttar next time you feel you're not making ample progress in your life you can break outrepparttar 101979 proof that you are!

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