Your First Year Doing Business Online. What you need to do to get through it and prosper!

Written by Dr. Jeffrey Lant

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If you're going to succeed online you've got to break through their "blase barrier," letting them know what you've got for them and why they should act NOW!

That's whererepparttar sales manager comes in. It puts you way ahead ofrepparttar 117977 pack, delivering your messages over and over and over and over and over again -- until your prospect really getsrepparttar 117978 message and responds. Ifrepparttar 117979 prospect is not longer interested, she can take herself off automatically, without bothering you. Personally, I couldn't dorepparttar 117980 large volume of business we do at Worldprofit without a sales manager. You need one, too -- if you're serious about online profit.

-- You need traffic

Have you put in place a CERTAIN traffic-growth system, a system that is going to get yourepparttar 117981 traffic you need to profit online?

It's all very well and good to have a website. But, as many have discovered, what'srepparttar 117982 point if you've got a terrific site -- and no one visits it?

At Worldprofit we realized back in 1994 that traffic is king, and we've played our cards accordingly ever since.

Towards this end, we developed and have since made available commercially our own BANNER EXCHANGE. You can see it and insert your banner at You can buy one at Click on TRAFFIC GENERATION.

Every day, day in, day out, whether we felt like it or not, we grewrepparttar 117983 Exchange -- and showed others how to grow theirs -- until it now feeds itself, generating more and more site traffic every single day. In other words, we used time to create traffic. It'srepparttar 117984 same principle investors use when they invest at predictable intervals for long-term capital growth. And it works! Thanks to this system, work that we did in 1998, 1999, 2000, etc is STILL paying off in increased traffic today. Can you say as much?

Additionally, we created a system for Guaranteed Banner Exposures, Guaranteed Site Visitors and an aggressive newsletter (ezine) advertising program. You can find information about all of these at Click on TRAFFIC GENERATION.

Remember,you are not going to profit online if you do not have a PREDICTABLE prospect flow system in place. If you simply drift, you're dead meat. Rest in peace!

Start Investing, Keep Investing

>From your very first day onrepparttar 117985 Internet you should start investing. Your investments should include

* improvements in your existing product line * new product line developments * pension and * personal investments.

If you scratchrepparttar 117986 average online business person, they're trying forrepparttar 117987 "big kill,"repparttar 117988 one application,repparttar 117989 one system,repparttar 117990 one event,repparttar 117991 one day that'll make them so rich they'll never have to work again. This isrepparttar 117992 adolescent approach to online succes, and it's resulted in a lot of badly bruised and disillutioned people.

The smarter way isrepparttar 117993 incremental way, using each and every day to grow a more profitable, more valuable business.

Towards this end, you must invest to improve your existing inventory. We live inrepparttar 117994 age of continual improvements. If you don't improve, you're going to loserepparttar 117995 customers you worked so hard to get; you'll destroyrepparttar 117996 basis for sustained business growth.

Equally, you've got to add new products to your product line. At Worldprofit, we NEVER rest on our laurels. We can't afford to. People who rest on laurels, are people who will have nothing else to rest on. Instead, we invest, invest, invest in new products, new applications, new enhancements. General Electric used to say, "Progress is our most important product." At Worldprofit, we couldn't agree more.

>From your first dollar made, you should institute an investment program. This program should consist of both pension investments and other personal investments.

The smartest people online are those who always play a defensive game. They know that business goes through cycles. Things don't get better every day. They know that hard times and unpredictable events happen to everyone. "Man proposes, God disposes." They plan accordingly.

You should be investing in this way at least 10 cents of every dollar you get your hands on. If you're not, you're a gambler, not a business person. Asrepparttar 117997 big guys in Vegas know, gamblers always lose inrepparttar 117998 end.

So, As You Going To Get Smart About Online Success, Or Are You The Next Fatality Waiting To Happen?

Back in 1994 when we started Worldprofit, it wasn't clear how to make real money online. Nobody knew; there was a lot of trial and error experimentation going on. Inrepparttar 117999 process, there were lots of people who failed. That was understandable, givenrepparttar 118000 fact thatrepparttar 118001 technology was new and successful business models didn't exist.

Now, however, there are lots of successful -- and unsuccessful -- cyber business models around. We do know what it takes to profit. We can point to things that'll work and those which are certain to fail.

The problem now is that too many people approachingrepparttar 118002 task of profiting online do so without sufficient thought, preparation, commitment, dedication, or realism. Result: mass (totally predictable) failures.

Right now,repparttar 118003 odds are you are not making a dime online. If you don't change your tune, that sorry state of affairs will continue. If that doesn't bother you, no problem. But if it does, if you insist on success, read this report again, print it and keep it handy.

Your first year is going to be difficult; establishing a new business always is. But by following these steps and by working with us at Worldprofit, it need not berepparttar 118004 annus horribilis it has been for so many who didn't do what was necessary to succeed online.

Dr. Jeffrey Lant, Co-Founder of Worldprofit at, is an internationally known marketer and business-development authority. You'll find his many books at

How to Determine if Your HOME is Right for Your HOME-Based Business

Written by Suzane Pyburn

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4. Will you be able to get insurance - not just for fire or theft, but for your $3000 computer system, and for public liability, if necessary? Call a local agent and discuss your business plan thoroughly, before you hang out that shingle.

5. Is there adequate lighting, heat availability and air ventilation inrepparttar room you are planning for your office? Will your electrical and telephone systems be able to handle increased activity and strain, or will you need to upgrade first?

If you really aren't sure whether or not your present home is suitable to establish a home-based business, it may be advisable to consult with a real estate specialist in your area. These professionals are often quite knowledgeable and up-to-date regarding whether or not you can set up a home- based business in your current location.

Avoidrepparttar 117976 stress of finding out, too late, that a home-based business just isn't do-able from your present home.

Suzane Pyburn is a California-based mortgage specialist. You can take her FREE home owners, home buyers or home sellers courses online at her website

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