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Written by W R Kirk

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Until 1989repparttar traditional digital music format wasrepparttar 149594 WAV file. Basically a digital conversion ofrepparttar 149595 analog wave-form signal, it provided high quality sound recordings. But a 4 to 5 minute song consumed up to 50MB of memory. By selectively discarding sounds inaudible torepparttar 149596 human ear,repparttar 149597 mp3 format was able to storerepparttar 149598 same song in less than 5MB. Some formats like WMA and OGG can cut that to around 2MB with even higher quality sound.

Withrepparttar 149599 advent of flash memory and tiny hard drives known as micro-drives, byrepparttar 149600 late 1990's manufacturers began introducing small digital music players. And today some portable music players can store thousands of songs, photos and other data in a portable player aboutrepparttar 149601 size of a deck of cards!

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Ultra CEMS – Emerging as a Market Leader

Written by John Dean

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A third SMT line (capable of 0201 placement) complete with seven zone reflow oven for lead free pcb assembly, a top ofrepparttar range flying probe test capability and a robotic conformal coating station have all been added torepparttar 149496 portfolio of capabilities already on offer at Weymouth. Additionally, a further 3,500 sq.ft of floor space has been opened with plans to add more in 2006.

Dean adds “We are one ofrepparttar 149497 first EMS providers inrepparttar 149498 UK to develop a fully debugged, lead-free PCB assembly line. One of our customers required a very high melting point solder to be used (in excess of 225°C) onrepparttar 149499 assembly process of their products as a result ofrepparttar 149500 extreme operating temperaturesrepparttar 149501 finished product experienced ‘in situ’. As a result, we developed our lead free capability and have been running our lead free line since July 2004 and now have over 30 products running down it”. This has put us in an excellent position to deliver RoHS compliant solutions for our customers. “Our main strengths are not our processes and capital investment though, but our people, andrepparttar 149502 high level of personalised service they provide for each customer. We can help our customers by providing low-cost manufacture and test design advice at their design reviews, and we nurse their boards throughrepparttar 149503 often troublesome prototyping phase.”

Ultra CEMS is now recognised as one ofrepparttar 149504 UK’s premier low to medium volume full turn-key contract electronics manufacturers. The company has aspirations to berepparttar 149505 UK market leader for high reliability business.

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