Your Endless Journey to More Abundant Life

Written by Andrei Yashurin

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People from this category are more interested in their own personal development rather than certainty. They act like true scientists, who are always willing to challenge their current knowledge of reality in order to gain more accurate knowledge. They like questions, because every question gives them an opportunity to rise higher in their understanding. They boldly face difficulties, because they are sure that life's problems make them stronger, wiser and more loving.

If we are looking for continuous personal development, let us be prepared to live in an uncertainty of new questions and new challenges. And if an outside world seems to be slow in bringing us new challenges, let us challenge ourselves!

Personally, I tend to be an "investigator". When I hear a statement that Christians should believe, or behave in such and such way, my first silent question is, "Really? Are there any other options?" My intention is not to be skeptical (as a matter of fact, skepticism often reminds me a religion), but to be flexible in mind. I don’t want to be settled with a number of cliches. I don’t want others to steal my joy of discovery, and I don’t try to steal it from others.

I think thatrepparttar Bible encourages, and not discourages seekers and investigators. "Seek, and you will find, knock, and it will be opened to you" (Matthew 7:7), said Jesus. However, what so many people fail to understand is thatrepparttar 127065 process of seeking and finding is meant to be eternal. Our spiritual unfoldment is meant to be eternal. My opinion is that we cannot stop our search on "getting converted", finding "the true church" or "the true doctrine". God,repparttar 127066 Reality of Being is infinitely higher than any church, any dogma or any person, evenrepparttar 127067 most enlightened one.

I have a lifelong love affair withrepparttar 127068 Reality of Being.

Andrei Yashurin is a non-denominational minister, author, translator and an Internet publisher from Russia. His ministry in 2 languages reaches more than 3,000 people every month. He can be contacted at:

Something to Give

Written by Andrei Yashurin

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What are your treasures? What are your resources, visible and invisible? Have you ever taken an inventory of all what you have? I assure you that if you will do so with an open heart, you will discover that you are truly rich.

One thing I know for sure: If you read my message, you have a computer with an Internet access. Considerrepparttar fact that most ofrepparttar 127064 world’s population do not have one.

“And yet, my life is difficult. So, what’srepparttar 127065 point?” I do not want to imply that all what you have now is all that you can possess. It is not my purpose to teach how to be content with little what you have, because WE CAN ALWAYS CREATE MORE FROM WHAT IS GIVEN TO US NOW.

The recipe is simple: If you have a need, plant a seed of what you need. Give something torepparttar 127066 world you live in, no matter how little it seems to be. Blessrepparttar 127067 world in order to inherit a blessing (1 Peter 3:9).

Many people love to give, because it lifts up their self-esteem, and there is nothing wrong with that feeling. However, their idea of giving is incorrect. They think, “well, I will give when I will have some extra, something I don’t need”. It proves that they don’t understand that giving and receiving are directly connected as cause and effect. Therefore, they do not reap full benefits of their giving.

Onrepparttar 127068 other hand, some people feel uncomfortable about giving, consciously or unconsciously, because they were frightened by sermons about “giving all to God”. My advise to them is to reject those suggestions and let God direct their giving. God will never require of you to give something if you don’t feel joy and peace about an act of giving. And even if, at certain time, God would inspire you to give a lot,repparttar 127069 law of sowing and reaping will do its perfect work, and you will be blessed with even more wealth.

"He who sows bountifully will also reap bountifully". 2 Corinthians 9:6

God grants an increace.

Andrei Yashurin is a non-denominational minister, author, translator and an Internet publisher from Russia. His ministry in 2 languages reaches more than 3,000 people every month. He can be contacted at:

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