Your Cover Letter MUST Ask This Question

Written by Jimmy Sweeney

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Where inrepparttar cover letter should you make your request? Inrepparttar 150770 beginning and again atrepparttar 150771 end. Twice is nice!

Example atrepparttar 150772 beginning of your cover letter; When I saw your ad for a warehouse manager, I realized we've been looking for each other! Can we meet in person next week? I'd like to show you how my five years of experience in this area will increase profits and streamline procedures.

Example atrepparttar 150773 close of your cover letter: Thank you for takingrepparttar 150774 time to read my letter. Can we get together to talk in person? I'm available mornings till 12:00 noon. You namerepparttar 150775 time and date and I'll be there.

Now write that cover letter and don't forget to ASK. Then keep your phone and your calendar handy!

Jimmy Sweeney is the president of CareerJimmy and author of the new, "Amazing Cover Letter Creator." Jimmy has written several career-related books and his unique articles are always a job-seeker favorite. Who else wants their phone ringing off the hook with more quality job interviews? Visit Jimmy on the web right now at for your 'instant' cover letter today.

Team Development and Learning

Written by CMOE Development Team

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  • You canít wait for perfect conditions before you start a task.
  • You really havenít failed untilrepparttar team stops trying.
  • We have to view mistakes as opportunities to learn and grow forrepparttar 150763 long run.
  • The team has to ensure that all of its members are informed and enrolled.
  • Your ideas wonít be heard unless you speak up
  • Feedback is essential for process improvement.
  • Open minds are essential for synergy to occur.
  • Our biggest barriers and fears are all perceptions that can be overcome.
  • Leaders have to lead and guiderepparttar 150764 processes; they canít be expected to producerepparttar 150765 technical breakthroughs.
  • High performance teams must develop even their weakest or newest members.
  • We should not limit others by presupposing their limitations.
  • It is important to celebraterepparttar 150766 success alongrepparttar 150767 journey torepparttar 150768 ultimate result.
  • Patience fosters empowerment.
  • You canít ďpushĒ a rope and you canít ďpushĒ people inrepparttar 150769 direction you want.
  • We need to share knowledge and develop people through effective coaching.
  • When you find yourself in a hole, quit digging!
  • With a little trust you can move remarkably fast through a situation.
  • Stretch goals yield stretch results.
  • It is OK for adults to request and accept help.
  • Mature adults are willing to admit that they have fears.
  • The pitfall of holding back on a good idea is bigger thanrepparttar 150770 pitfall of spending some time to hearrepparttar 150771 ideas.
  • If you can visualizerepparttar 150772 process andrepparttar 150773 goal, we are in a better position to achieve it.
  • No one of us is as smart as all of us.
  • Our limitations are driven primarily by our fears.
  • We canít affordrepparttar 150774 cost of uncaring criticism.
  • True leaders will encourage input from everyone.
  • Showing emotion is OK.
  • Teamwork ďainítĒ easy, and it ďisnítĒ automatic. You have to work at it.
  • Teamwork means that you have to understandrepparttar 150775 paradoxes and manage them well.
  • You have to bring people together if you are to build enthusiasm and spirit.
  • Collaboration means a lot more than agreeing to stay out of each otherís way.

    The actual list was longer and took nearly two hours to share and report. Frankly, we have not seen any other type of team development process where so many insights occur in a relatively brief period of time. Since we have hadrepparttar 150776 opportunity to work with this group over an extended period of time, we can report that this team was noticeably closer according to reports from other members ofrepparttar 150777 organization as well. After all, what is good forrepparttar 150778 goose is good forrepparttar 150779 gander. And if we seerepparttar 150780 members ofrepparttar 150781 organization asrepparttar 150782 goose who laysrepparttar 150783 golden eggs then we need to make a real investment in terms of time and money to keeprepparttar 150784 goose healthy and well.

    If you would like more information on Team Development or to learn more about our Team Building programs, please contact a Regional Manager from CMOE toll free at 888-262-2499 or (801)569-3444 x.3023.

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