Your Country Needs You

Written by malcolm james pugh

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Carried on trains still double parked, Policed by mere paper statistics, And all piled up high inrepparttar dark, Running on rails that might crack, Or on roads that can often crumble, Here comesrepparttar 131566 mass voting truck, Yes, I can just hear its rumble, Butrepparttar 131567 drivers now in A and E, And thence to wards and bugs, And no one is sitting inrepparttar 131568 cab, And no one can hear its chugs, Like a nation that could do anything, But now quietly quivers in a corner, Which could once move mountains, But now just needs a mourner, Who still has a good sound engine, But poor bosses and engineers, Where once there was pure power, There now exists just abject fear, Fear ofrepparttar 131569 wrongly spoken word, In case it should offend or annoy, Fear of paying vast compensation To anyone you might employ, Fear of going out and doing something, In case it should sadly turn out poor, Just toerepparttar 131570 line and passrepparttar 131571 buck, Whenever not absolutely sure, Its time we really educated properly, And reinstalledrepparttar 131572 Victorian drive, When anything was possible, And great ideas and thoughts were alive, Promoted by those right atrepparttar 131573 top, Not stifled from within by stealth, Give us back our will to win, Give us back this countys wealth, Notrepparttar 131574 fantasy figures drawn, Norrepparttar 131575 illusion we are all fine, Justrepparttar 131576 riches that, we matter, And that this land is yours and mine, That what we say makes a difference, And what we do really gives us a role, Like it was just yesterday, Before officialdom took control, Before long we will only know, What they would have us hear, And hope will lie down to die, To be replaced by repressive fear, So before we are disenfranchised, And legislation chains our hands, Before a suffocating grey blanket, Is rolled out over our land, Pause to think independently, And see exactly what is really there, And truly hear allrepparttar 131577 mounting lies, And choose freedom over Blair.


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Why use XHTML?

Written by Gary R. Hess

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XML has been gaining ground ever sincerepparttar start of RSS and will only grow asrepparttar 131564 weeks and months go on. When Firefox announcedrepparttar 131565 support of live bookmarks in 1.0repparttar 131566 frenzy just began.

Sincerepparttar 131567 beginning of 2004, Yahoo, MSN and many other news organizations have came out with RSS support. Plus, withrepparttar 131568 rise of blogs XHTML and XML have come torepparttar 131569 forefront of today's technology.

With Internet Explorer getting heat from Firefox with Opera (who also has RSS support) holding onto a small percentage, they are looking at possibly using RSS support to help hold downrepparttar 131570 Mozillians.

So in retrospect, XHTML shows professionalism and isrepparttar 131571 future ofrepparttar 131572 World Wide Web. So why not stay ahead ofrepparttar 131573 game and switch over now It is worth your time, believe me.

Gary is a freelance web designer for Low Cost Web Design

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