Your Connection to the Elements

Written by Avalon De Witt

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Do something spontaneous. Search within for your purpose. Set some life goals for yourself. Complete a task you've been meaning to finish. Learn to trust your intuition. Listen to a motivational tape or energize yourself with affirmations. Empower yourself with divine thoughts and let your ideals awaken. WATER Season - Autumn Time of Day - Dusk/sunset Direction - West Color - Blue Archangel - Gabriel

If you have ever loved, you have experiencedrepparttar element of Water. Serenity is a result of Water's presence in our lives. Water isrepparttar 122347 most psychic of allrepparttar 122348 elements. It cleanses, nourishes and reflects. It is passive and malleable - it takes onrepparttar 122349 shape of whatever contains it. The Holy Grail is associated with Water,repparttar 122350 original Primordial Chaos. Water rulesrepparttar 122351 emotions andrepparttar 122352 subconscious. If you have prophetic dreams, you are usingrepparttar 122353 element of Water. If you are lonely, depressed, overwhelmed or having trouble opening your heart, let Water clearrepparttar 122354 way for you.

To get water flowing in your life,repparttar 122355 easiest, most accessible tool isrepparttar 122356 bathtub. Add essential oils or milk and honey to cleanse and nurture your Higher Self. Drink pure water to purify your body. You may try taking a walk inrepparttar 122357 rain. Notice how it gathers together to form puddles and pools. Throw a stone into a lake or a pond and watchrepparttar 122358 endless ripples. See how beautiful it is when it is contained.

Feeling compassion, shedding tears and giving to charity arerepparttar 122359 workings of this gentle element. Scrying bowls and table fountains are easy ways to get more Water into your life. Read poetry to get a feel for Water's subtle, soothing properties.

EARTH Season - Winter Time of Day - Midnight Direction - North Color - Green Archangel - Uriel

When you eat, exercise or save money, you are interacting withrepparttar 122360 Earth element. Stability is Earth's unique gift. Seeing, smelling, tasting and touching are functions of Earth. Earth is solid, rich, sultry, strong and dependable. It isrepparttar 122361 foundation for allrepparttar 122362 other elements. Earth is commitment, permanence, form. It is facts and law, practicality and consequence. Earth is about getting results. Poverty, insecurity, safety issues, obsessions and a sense of being "weak-willed"or incapable can all be resolved with earth. If you would like to strengthen your connection to Earth, put your bare feet onrepparttar 122363 ground. Walk, run, jump. Letrepparttar 122364 immovable nature ofrepparttar 122365 Earth element support you. You could also plant a garden or start a houseplant on a window sill. Roots such as potatoes, carrots, beets and turnips are known as "grounding" foods that can increase your personal Earth energy.

Learn to respect yourself, accept yourself. Define what dignity is to you. Stimulate your senses. Work with your hands. Knit, string beads, or do pottery. Place stones or a dish of sea salt on your altar, or wear a hematite pendant, to representrepparttar 122366 Earth in your spiritual workings. Strive to be at home in your body. INTEGRATE Figure out which elements you are lacking and integrate them into your life. Letrepparttar 122367 elements of nature bring you into closer contact with your True Self. As you grow on each of these levels, you will experience greater and greater joy.

Don't let yourself get too much of one element. Too much air can make you spacey. Too much fire can cause burn-out. Too much water can make you "wishy-washy." And too much earth can make you rigid. Keep your personal elements balanced and your life will reflect that balance back to you by giving you all that you need, on every level.

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Avalon De Witt is an authentic psychic by birth and a survivor of a near-death experience. Her gifts include clairvoyance, clairaudience, empathic ability, dream interpretation and healing. She has studied the Tarot and other forms of divination for over 21 years. Avalon has practiced as a professional psychic and spiritual counselor for over 10 years. She has worked successfully with thousands of clients world-wide.

Waiting For Synchronicity

Written by Stephanie Yeh

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The result of all of this scheduling and mental gyration is that we don’t have any room in our lives for synchronicity. We have literally left not evenrepparttar smallest crack through whichrepparttar 122346 Universe can squeeze through that which we’ve asked for – and we wonder whyrepparttar 122347 Universe doesn’t deliver!!

Manifestation, contrary to popular belief, is neither a totally active sort of thing nor a totally passive waiting. It is an active anticipation of what’s to come, a joyful expectation accompanied by inspired activity. In manifestation, you get a boost of anticipation followed by inspired ideas, followed by joyful activity, followed by yet more anticipation.

It’s like walking a winding, hilly trail. When you’re atrepparttar 122348 bottom of a hill, all you can see isrepparttar 122349 top ofrepparttar 122350 next hill or curve – and you anticipate what you might see atrepparttar 122351 top. You’re so excited by what you might see, that you take action and walk up there. Once there, you see a magnificent view, and alsorepparttar 122352 next phase ofrepparttar 122353 trail. This leads to more anticipation drawing you forward, more action and more pleasure. You see, it is an active participation in life of all your senses – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual – with appreciation and pause regularly interspersed.

If it seems likerepparttar 122354 Universe isn’t delivering what you’ve asked for, you might not be leaving enough room in your life to let it in. To create some room, take one day a week, if possible, and schedule nothing. Let that day be a blank canvas on whichrepparttar 122355 Universe can paint its perfect synchrony. If you can’t take a full day, take at least a few hours for yourself every week and see what magic unfolds! Enjoy!

Stephanie Yeh, co-founder of the Esoteric School of Shamanism and Magic (, helps clients use magical and shamanic techniques to manifest their desires. Stephanie has created several online and video classes to make this information more accessible. She also helps others learn to create abundant health and wealth with spiritual and practical resources through her site, Prosperity Abounds (

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