Your Computer May Be Infected. Here's how to check..

Written by Fazly Mohamed

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You must run a firewall. In many new operating systems(eg. Windows XP), there is a built-in firewall. Google search on how to activate it. Others may try one at

You may have a question by now. What isrepparttar purpose of these spyware? Even though we cannot give an explicit and clear cut answer, we can safely state that everything boils down torepparttar 132695 urge of more profits. How? The spyware collects all your personal information and transfers it to an external computer. The information is reviewed by a software inrepparttar 132696 receiving computer and then delivered targeted popup ads torepparttar 132697 infected PC. There are many things that spyware does in addition to this.

If you have some technical knowledge about your PC, here's a technical explanation on what trouble doesrepparttar 132698 spyware cause.

1. An extra process is running to monitor and log your activities. 2. Constant transfer is taking place between your PC andrepparttar 132699 spyware server. (This is a two-way transfer)

Firstly,repparttar 132700 extra process in itself is an undesired process and it contributes to slow down your PC. Second point isrepparttar 132701 most harmful. It transfers logged info onrepparttar 132702 infected PC torepparttar 132703 external PC (Spyware server) and thenrepparttar 132704 external PC transfers targeted popups torepparttar 132705 infected PC. (Targeted popups are popup ads that are delivered based on user interests. User interests are analyzed by special software running onrepparttar 132706 spyware server, using information transferred by your PC as input.) Since many extra processes are running (eg: monitoring processes, transferring processes etc.), your RAM (memory) will be shared and as a result, your PC will run slower. This also slows down your Internet connection speed because a lot of transfer is taking place and your total available bandwidth is shared.

In short, PC with spyware is like a dumping ground for snakes. Once its there up and running, it can do almost anything with your PC.

* NOTE: A useful tip - When you clean up your PC and closerepparttar 132707 door for those harmful programs with a firewall, you can block many popups. But still, there can be some popups. There are popups integrated to websites you visit, and we must to do something about them. There are many popup blockers available onrepparttar 132708 net, but I highly recommend installingrepparttar 132709 Google toolbar, which has a quality pop-up blocker integrated to it. It also has some other useful features and is highly customizable. Download it free at

The most risk is for people who use Internet Explorer, as it isrepparttar 132710 most popular web browser and that very fact has drawn more attention of many malicious software developers. All of us want to make our PCs good and clean, right? So advise your friends about this, or if you had this article by email, just forward it.

Happy surfing...

By: Fazly Mohamed - (Undergraduate at Staff. University UK, Computing & IT)

SPAM, Spam & more SPAM

Written by Gillian Tarawhiti

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To decide whether an electronic message is 'commercial',repparttar Act looks at all ofrepparttar 132694 following: •the content ofrepparttar 132695 message •the way in whichrepparttar 132696 message is presented; and •any links, phone numbers or contact information inrepparttar 132697 message RAMIFICATIONS OF SPAM TO YOU! If you have been accused of SPAM activities you will be asked to prove that you have not committedrepparttar 132698 offence. If you are unsuccessful in that approach you IP (Internet Provider) will withdraw all services to you i.e. close your website. If you are using an autoresponder to hold your subscriber list and are sending messages via that service, your autoresponder will automatically suspend your account unless you can prove your innocence. Penalties for breach ofrepparttar 132699 Act range up to $1.1 million per day;repparttar 132700 legislation also allows forrepparttar 132701 making of orders for spammers to relinquish profits and pay compensation to spam victims. So in short, there are 3 things that can keep you inrepparttar 132702 clear of such violations. 1.Get Consent - Expressed or Inferred 2.Identify yourself 3.Provide a way for people to unsubscribe from receiving further emails Before I finish this article, I would like to add that this is just a brief overview ofrepparttar 132703 act and that it would be in your best interest to actually read and implementrepparttar 132704 practices.

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