Your Computer Can't Keep Time

Written by Stephen Bucaro

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If your computer loses its time setting overnight,repparttar CMOS battery may not be holding a charge. The CMOS battery is located insiderepparttar 107784 case onrepparttar 107785 motherboard. Changingrepparttar 107786 battery is usually a job for a computer technician. In fact, a layman might not even be able to findrepparttar 107787 battery.

If you want to locaterepparttar 107788 CMOS battery in your computer, be aware that a static discharge from your hands can damage components insiderepparttar 107789 case. After taking proper precautions, openrepparttar 107790 case and look onrepparttar 107791 motherboard for a battery. If you have a diagram of your motherboard, locaterepparttar 107792 battery onrepparttar 107793 diagram first.

Different motherboards use different types of batteries. The battery may be shaped like a barrel or a coin. Some motherboards use a component that resembles a chip which containsrepparttar 107794 CMOS andrepparttar 107795 battery (made by DALLAS or Benchmarq). Batteries come in different voltages, so make sure you get an exact replacement.

Sometimesrepparttar 107796 battery is mounted in a holder. Sometimes it is soldered torepparttar 107797 motherboard. De-soldering and re-soldering a battery is usually a job for a computer technician. An inexperienced solderer can cause a lot of damage. If you want to try to do it yourself, first practice on an obsolete circuit board. You may change your mind.

Ifrepparttar 107798 CMOS battery has failed because it's too old, this might be an opportunity to upgrade your motherboard. When upgrading a motherboard,repparttar 107799 most important considerations are to make surerepparttar 107800 new motherboard isrepparttar 107801 correct form factor for your case, and thatrepparttar 107802 new motherboard hasrepparttar 107803 correct bus connector slots for your expansion boards.

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Benefits of E-Publishing

Written by Pawan Bangar,Birbals,India

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As per a report, online services are worth $ 1053 million of the$ 8.1 billion business-to= business sector total and continue to expand. Therefore there lie many opportunities in a new media career withinrepparttar business- to business arena with tremendous opportunities for growth. Moreover sincerepparttar 107783 revenues from internet advertising are also on rise especially inrepparttar 107784 B2b sector, self employment in electronic publishing may also prove beneficial. According torepparttar 107785 US bureau of labour ‘statistics' occupational outlook hand-book ‘employment of desktop/ electronic publishing specialist is expected to grow average". In fact,repparttar 107786 outlook lists desktop publishing specialist as one ofrepparttar 107787 10 fasted growing occupations inrepparttar 107788 nation, with a 73 percent increase inrepparttar 107789 number of positions expected between 1998 to2008.

Contrary to other popular career for pursuing career in electronic publishing, you do not need any special degree or certificate as this career is absolutely based on a person's own capabilities. But, degree or diploma in journalism or creative writing or a degree or diploma in web publishing can offer a decent platform to launch career in electronic publishing. However, if you wish to have that cutting edge in this career there are several courses available abroad both full-time and through distance learning for pursuing a career in electronic publishing.

There are many courses available on this fast track career, which can offer good opportunities inrepparttar 107790 field of electronic publishing. However for existing professionals inrepparttar 107791 field of electronic publishing,repparttar 107792 career opportunities are even brighter as you can do a lot of work on freelance basic. There are many portals, which invite people to writerepparttar 107793 reviews ofrepparttar 107794 services and product and mostlyrepparttar 107795 professionals in electronic publishing deal with this job. Further, since conventional publishing involves a lot of money and also infrastructure, thusrepparttar 107796 professionals in this field would find electronic publishing an exciting opportunity to become publisher themselves as it neither does not involve big costs nor does it require huge infrastructure. Furthermore, there is a death of such professionals inrepparttar 107797 field of news wires and other online electronic publications all overrepparttar 107798 world. This concept is fast becoming popular in India also as a lots of online publications are coming in and thus day is not far when this career will also become a prominent career for professionals as will as other creative persons.

Pawan Bangar, Technical Director , Birbals, India

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