Your Child's Goldfish ~ easy, inexpensive care ~

Written by Stephanie Olsen

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Putrepparttar tank near a window so it gets plenty of indirect sunlight. A cover (which can be foil loosely placed over top) helps keep out dust and also keeps an active fish in! Sand or gravel bottoms look nice, but make work in that they must be cleaned. If you have a clear aquarium, just put a placemat under it and you'll have an instant sea floor or sandy base. A little mirror propped up onrepparttar 116320 outside ofrepparttar 116321 tank will give your fish "company".

Clean Water means a Healthy Goldfish

Changerepparttar 116322 water every second day, replacingrepparttar 116323 old with water that's been aged and salted. It just takes a minute and means that you don't have to buy a filter or air pump - a substantial savings. Scoop your fish out ofrepparttar 116324 aquarium in a holding pail, dumprepparttar 116325 dirty water fromrepparttar 116326 aquarium, rinse a few times, re-fill and returnrepparttar 116327 goldfish.

Feed Sparingly and Wisely

Soakrepparttar 116328 food you buy fromrepparttar 116329 pet shop so that it sinks torepparttar 116330 bottom ofrepparttar 116331 tank when you feed your goldfish. Feed a tiny amount every time you changerepparttar 116332 water and, if you like, supplement that with some plants you find growing wild in fresh water rivers and ponds such as anacharis (which is probablyrepparttar 116333 most common aquarium plant and readily available in any pet store).

Have Fun

You and your child will not only have fun but will learn together while caring for your little golden water creature. And I'll bet you'll name her "Goldie"!

About the Author:

Stephanie Olsen, published writer, homeschooling mother of two and ESL teacher currently residing in Europe, is also owner of the expatriate site, Family Life Abroad where you'll find humorous and informative articles by experienced expatriates on all aspects of living abroad, with lots of links and travel tips.

Should We Walk or Ride

Written by Richard Myers

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If you are out of shape and overweight like a large percent of us are, it is best that you start your walking program gradually rather than all at once.

Some suggestions for those of us that now ride, have been offered for us to get in shape, slowly. A few of them are; walk nine holes, then riderepparttar other nine; walk and ride every other hole; leave your cart onrepparttar 116319 cart path, and walk to and from your ball.

It has also been suggested that it is a good idea if walking to use a pull cart for your bag, or to use double straps on your golf bag.

Though it may not berepparttar 116320 very best form of exercise, it is surely better than none at all, and a great place to start.

Richard Myers

Editor of The No B.S. Golf Newsletter and

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