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Written by Barrett Niehus

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You should constantly promote your brand and logo, and should always avoid significantly modifying it. Creating brand recognition is a huge task, and every time you logo is modified,repparttar process must be started over. Promote your logo on all of your products, on all of your correspondence, and most of all, on all of your marketing material. Make yourself know, and use all accessible means to brand yourself to your clients and prospects. The approach is expensive, but when you are branded, your company isrepparttar 101077 first one to enter a prospects mind when they think of your product.

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IP Ware Real Estate Investment Software Allows Users to Create Multiple, Continual, Income Streams with Real Property. Barrett Niehus is director of marketing for IP Ware,, and president ofrepparttar 101078 trainers marketing association,

Barrett Niehus is the Director of Marketing for IP Ware, Real Estate Investment Software and Income Creation Products.

12 Guaranteed Guru Secrets, For Better Ezine Ad Results

Written by Patrick Hale (Pat @Maxaid)

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8. Ifrepparttar ezine publisher publishes a separate ad issue besidesrepparttar 101076 main ezine this is excellent. Everyone readsrepparttar 101077 ads only ezines. You know, it's likerepparttar 101078 dessert after a full course meal.

9. Never, but never give specific details in your ad. This is sure to keeprepparttar 101079 prospect guessing and we all know that curiosity isrepparttar 101080 key to makerepparttar 101081 prospect click on your contact link.

10. I Don't waste my time targeting a prospective audience. Always usingrepparttar 101082 "shotgun" approach when placing ezine ads, scatteringrepparttar 101083 ads everywhere, I'm bound to get a click.

11. Forget aboutrepparttar 101084 format rules. Who cares if my ad is 70 characters per line insteadrepparttar 101085 allowed 60, no one countsrepparttar 101086 spaces and punctuation marks anyway. And surely that extra line or two will never be noticed. ( they'll run my ad anyway)

12. One last Sure Fire Secret, don't run your ad over a couple of times inrepparttar 101087 same place. People get bored real quick withrepparttar 101088 same old stuff and will completely ignore your ad. So, be sure to run a different ad often.

Hopefully, you've copped a grin from this little spoof on how to place your ads to getrepparttar 101089 most response from them.

Now, if you wish to get Real with your ezine ad marketing just re-readrepparttar 101090 above, and seerepparttar 101091 exact opposite of what is written.

Wishing You Success,

Pat @Maxaid - Publisher of Maxaid News The Un-Ordinary Ezine, The Whole Truth and Nothing butrepparttar 101092 Truth, about marketing online. Subscribe at

Pat @Maxaid - Publisher of Maxaid News The Un-Ordinary Ezine, The Whole Truth and Nothing but the Truth, about marketing online. Subscribe at

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