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Written by Dr. Jamie Fettig

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Sample your book in print and onrepparttar Internet.

If you have a Web site (and you should), it's simple. Just take a chapter from your book, paste it into its own file withrepparttar 108343 proper copyright information so it's a self-contained document, turn it into a PDF (Portable Document Format, a wonderful type of file created by Adobe), and place it on your Website for free downloading. Then send an e-mail to your entire list offering them an excerpt from your upcoming book free. A 10% or 20% response rate is not out ofrepparttar 108344 question.

For print publications, it goes like this:

a.Pull together a list of target newspapers and magazines. b.Contactrepparttar 108345 editors by e-mail asking if they would be interested in running your excerpt at no cost (editors love content they can get for free). c.Send your chapter as a Word file to those who agree. Make sure it's completely clean and free of any typos or grammatical errors, and include an author bio atrepparttar 108346 end that lists your Web address. d.Be sure to get reprints or a PDF ofrepparttar 108347 printed article you can use for publicity purposes.

Start sending e-mails to editors several months before your book comes out. It usually takes a while to hear back, and even longer to actually get your sample in print.

For a great resource on easily creating an effective and cheap website for your book go to

The BOMBASTIC method for selling 1,000,000 e-books per year!!!

Written by John Kaka

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Now if you buy a book about how to make money with real estate options for example, that’s basically all you will be doing, writing a book. Then if you userepparttar techniques that I reveal to you bellow, you will marketrepparttar 108342 product with wisdom and you will be receiving dollar after dollar for many years to come. Quantity is not as important as quality. If what you create is useful, people will keep buying.

Now how can you come up with a creative idea powerful enough as to write a book about it and have others happily paying for it and even referring others to your offer? The answer isrepparttar 108343 Internet itself. Information is out there in big quantities, but sometimes is hidden; you have to look hard to find it. Other times is not very hidden, it is almost right there in front of everybody, it is just that most people don’t haverepparttar 108344 time or patience to search what they are looking for. Many persons prefer to pay $30.00 for an informational product than to spend 8-10 hours looking for that information. Then you findrepparttar 108345 info for them and then you offer it for an exceptional low cost. Some really hard to find information can retail for much more than $30.00. Just try to give your buyers something that exceeds in use value what they are paying you. This means that they may pay $50.00 or more for your book that if it can really make them money, they will be very happy with their purchase. If you sell them junk, they will feel very angry and upset and they will fight back and ask for refunds.

We are living onrepparttar 108346 era of information. Everything is information and communication nowadays. Are you taking advantage ofrepparttar 108347 opportunities that life is offering? Can you afford to do something so simple forrepparttar 108348 opportunity to make a lot of money? Everyone knows something about something that others don’t know much about it. Did you hear that? You can start writing about a subject that you are well familiarized with so it will be easier for you. But never forget that are subjects that catchesrepparttar 108349 attention ofrepparttar 108350 majority of persons like money, sex, and fun. You can make more money with your sex book about how to giverepparttar 108351 ultimate orgasm, than with a porn website. There are zillions of porn websites out there and most of them have similar content. If you are capable of creating something different, unique, marvelous, new, and interesting, people will buy it in huge amounts. Also think about this, search engines do not read images, they read words. The search engine robots, which are calledrepparttar 108352 spider, can only read text. Websites that consists only of images have to trickrepparttar 108353 search engine often times to get higher rank and attract more visitors. But if your website have sex-related words not images, you will get high rankings onrepparttar 108354 search engine easily and you will be selling something that people are desperately looking for. Remember that sex remainsrepparttar 108355 number one keyword on most search engines today.

So your tasks are easy and your life dramatically changes when you do this. You start earning more and more income. You receive residual and leveraged profits. You just create simple informational products and have others advertise them and collectrepparttar 108356 payments for you. Isn’t that amazing. There are companies today that specialize in attracting affiliates. These affiliates are willing to advertise and promote your products as long as you agree to share a portion of your profits with them. The fact is that because you have zero cost, you have virtually no risk. If they are able to bring in huge profits for you, why won’t you share a small portion of that gain with them? There are literally thousands of affiliates out there willing to sell, market and promote your products. The companies that bring those affiliates to you deal with paying them their commissions, and paying you your royalties. They do allrepparttar 108357 “hard work”. You just sit back and relax. So let’s summarize it. You write a book, you have thousands of people marketing it, you have a company collecting allrepparttar 108358 payments for you,repparttar 108359 company send you a check, your buyers purchase directly from your website sorepparttar 108360 process is automatic. Everything is automatic. You are onrepparttar 108361 beach drinking soda and scrutinizingrepparttar 108362 beauty of that exotic bird that just landed in front of you, you are eating your delicious lobster while suddenly BANG!!! – BANG!!! BANG!!! You made another sale, and another, and another, and another and it never stop happening. You arrive home to check your account and –sweet!- more money $3,895.45. For a “work” that you did two years ago? And how often does this happen? Every week of your life? Thank you God, thank you USA, thank you Internet!

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