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Book Marketing Plan Component #2

Setting up and Implementing a Successful Publicity Campaign

Besides book stores, you can also sell your books to nontraditional book buyers like display retailers, book clubs, catalogs, gift retailers, volume buyers (think Costco and Price Club), corporations, foundations and foreign markets. We sell thousands of self published books to buyers like these allrepparttar time and targeting these buyers should make up a good portion of your book marketing plan. This will be component #3:

Book Marketing Plan Component #3

Non-traditional Markets

In this day and age, you would be making a big mistake if you didn't includerepparttar 105767 internet as a vital component of your Book Marketing Plan. The internet isrepparttar 105768 best way to directly reach your target customers. It is alsorepparttar 105769 best way to sell to them since you cut out any third parties and retain 100% ofrepparttar 105770 profits. There are many ways to researchrepparttar 105771 internet to ensure that there is a demand for your book andrepparttar 105772 best ways to fill that demand.

Book Marketing Plan Component #4

The Internet - Your Book Website

These arerepparttar 105773 four most important components of your Book Marketing Plan. Now you must research each component individually to customizerepparttar 105774 approach you take for your book.

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Self it better?

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Since they pay you up front,repparttar publishing company has control over your work.

Before you decide on traditional publishing or self publishing, gorepparttar 105766 extra mile and research. Make sure you chooserepparttar 105767 route best for you.

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