Your Attitude to Home Based Business

Written by Kevin Purfield

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Everyday you must plant mental seeds of prosperity into you mind and nurture them. We become what we think, therefore developrepparttar thoughts that will createrepparttar 116837 life you want to live.

The key difference between a successful person and an unsuccessful person is their habits.

Developrepparttar 116838 habit of being a power of intelligence and positive expectancy in your business and interactions with others. Cultivate patience and practicerepparttar 116839 work habits that will get yourepparttar 116840 results you desire.

Your mind is goal-seeking mechanism. Set large goals for yourself and others and work daily on achieving them. The purpose of setting goals is for you to decide exactly what it is that you want.

You must clearly understand where you want to go before you can expect to arrive at your destination.

The philosopher Aristotle wrote that all behavior is "teleological" or purposeful- aimed at a goal.

The o要e factor that governs your actions is your desire that you would be better off than you would be inrepparttar 116841 absence of your actions.

Stay positive and focused o要 your home business continually reminding yourself of your purpose. What ever we focus o要 becomes our reality. Continually focus o要 where you want to be and that isrepparttar 116842 direction you will go.

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Time Management For Home Business Owners

Written by Jason Gazaway

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The best way to stick to a plan is by giving yourself a specific amount of elotted time for each activity you conduct online. If you normally spend 2 hours in forums, and think this is simply taking too much away from your business, set a limit on how much you do it. Say to yourself, "Ok Jason, I will participate in forums for no more than 45 minutes. From exactly 12:15 to 1:00 today, I will spend this time browsing forums and being an active member." And stick with it!

3) Give Yourself A Break!

This may sound a little contradictory, but it's very true. If you have been working consistently for a few hours online, and find yourself to be slipping intorepparttar "dull glare" mode, give yourself a break. Step away from your computer for 30 mintues, and move around. Go torepparttar 116836 fridge and grab a nice cold drink, and relax a bit. When you get done, you will feel more fresh and will be more focused on your list that you've already made to complete your daily business tasks.

4) Punish Yourself For Not Sticking With It.

This may seem a little weird, but it will work if you give it a chance to. For example, let's say that you need to get something done by a certain date and you don't. To make things more productive for you, punish yourself for not getting it done! I personally love those Little Debbie "Star Crunch" cakes. I usually have one every day. One time I told myself, I said, "Self, if I can't eat a Star Crunch unless I get these webpages uploaded by 5:20 today!". And when 5:20 came, I didn't have it done. So I punished myself for not completingrepparttar 116837 task byrepparttar 116838 time I set. I didn't eat one that day.

Let's say you have a favorite TV show you absolutely love watching. You must complete 3 things on your list before you can watch it. And stick with it! Believe it or not, it actually works! But only if you stick with it.

Having many distractions can make things a bit more difficult with productivity when spending your time online. The first things to do to solverepparttar 116839 time management problem is to identify what things are keeping you from being productive in your online business. The next step is to avoid these things at all costs. The hardest part is identifing these distractions. But after you do, more than halfrepparttar 116840 battle is already over! I wish you much success with your businss and all your on and offline goals!

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