Your #1 Path to Hidden Power

Written by Coco Fossland

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Now, look more closely at that fear. Let's say underneathrepparttar feeling of regret, you discover "the fear that someone will be mad at me." So look inside that fear, and ask, "What isrepparttar 140019 fear beneath that?" Just imagine, if it were true that someone were mad at you, what would berepparttar 140020 fear in that? Maybe you would find, "the fear that someone won't like me."

Again, look beneath that fear -- to seerepparttar 140021 fear beneathrepparttar 140022 fear. Keep digging until you find something that strikes a deep chord within you. For example, you might findrepparttar 140023 deeper fear of someone getting mad at you and not liking you isrepparttar 140024 "fear of being unlovable."

5. Once you find it, repeat it to yourself and give yourself permission to move into that fear.

6. Claimrepparttar 140025 gifts and wisdom ofrepparttar 140026 fear. Just ask yourselfrepparttar 140027 following questions to mine outrepparttar 140028 gold (insert your own fear intorepparttar 140029 quotations below):

* What does "being unlovable" excuse you to do? * How has "being unlovable" served me? * What is this situation trying to teach me? * What lesson am I meant to abstract from this? * How is this situation meant to show me how to better love, trust, and care for myself? * What is it I really want in this moment? * What am I longing for in this moment? * How could you give yourself what you want and long for? * In what way am I draining my power and energy in this situation? What would I need to do to call my energy back? * What power and gifts are available to me as a result of this situation and fear?

7. Send gratitude – torepparttar 140030 fear, torepparttar 140031 feeling, and torepparttar 140032 situation – for beingrepparttar 140033 catalyst of new discovery and healing

8. Reframe and empowerrepparttar 140034 situation – Is there any other way you could look at this situation now? Find a way to reframerepparttar 140035 situation so you no longer feel powerless, but rather you feel powerful -- you have options, choices, and possibility rather than doom, gloom and hopelessness.

9. Take new action. Take an action aligned withrepparttar 140036 power you've discovered. Give yourself whatrepparttar 140037 fear revealed you were longing for.

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Help Yourself to a better Future

Written by Terence Watts

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Suitable for Your Personality

For a goal to have a chance of success it should reflect your natural personality; always select a goal that you feel would not surprise others - although they may well be surprised at how easily you achieve it!

A Clear Idea

You have to know EXACTLY what it is that you want. It sounds obvious but an awful lot of people simply have never worked it out! Somebody might say: "I want to make something of myself." Well, good… but make what exactly? The subconscious - and that isrepparttar part of you which will achieve success or otherwise - only works with uncomplicated and positive statements with no ambiguity or implication. After all, if you made a failure of yourself, that would comply withrepparttar 139795 above goal, wouldn't it? 'Make a success' is not much better, either. One person's success simply doesn't 'work' for another. "I want to have my own business selling music CDs onrepparttar 139796 internet," is a clear goal. So is: "I want to make xxxxxxxx money a year from my music website," as long as you state a figure that you know can be achieved. Make your goal specific and you have a far higher chance of success.

Self hypnosis

There are very many methods of improving self worth and confidence. The most important thing to recognise, probably, is that precisely nothing will happen if you don't put some input intorepparttar 139797 plan. You can readrepparttar 139798 best self help books inrepparttar 139799 world and nothing will happen unless you have an action plan. You can listen to self help and personal development CDs until you know them off by heart, butrepparttar 139800 result will be a big fat nothing if that is all you do.

If you want to get anywhere, you have to accept that it is YOU who must makerepparttar 139801 change - nobody, absolutely nobody, can do it for you. Nothing changes if nothing changes...

Self hypnosis can be remarkably effective forrepparttar 139802 reduction of stress and improvement in life generally. It is a specific skill and one which can easily be learned via one ofrepparttar 139803 many books onrepparttar 139804 subject or via one ofrepparttar 139805 many free self hypnosis courses available onrepparttar 139806 internet.

Though some people are wary of hypnosis and self hypnosis until they discover more about it, it's used on a daily basis by sportsmen and musicians, business people and artists, housewives, policemen, engineers, shop assistants... in fact it's used by millions of people from all walks of life all overrepparttar 139807 globe!

Let's dispel a few ofrepparttar 139808 anxieties that some visitors might have...repparttar 139809 following 'rules' are applicable to all types of hypnosis:

- You cannot 'get stuck' - this is quite impossible - You do not become unconscious or go to sleep - You know what's happening at all times - You can exitrepparttar 139810 state whenever you wish to - You cannot 'lose your mind' - It is not connected in any shape or form withrepparttar 139811 occult - There is no such thing as a 'hypnotised feeling' - It is actually a totally natural state which we all go into several times a day - It is very similar to meditation or relaxation techniques - IT IS COMPLETELY SAFE!

Getting into a state of self-hypnosis is a specific skill and as with all skills, some people are better at it than others. It is fair to say, though, that almost everybody can benefit from learning how to use it. Among other things, you can help yourself to:

- Combat Stress - use it withrepparttar 139812 routines above for a real power session! - Lose weight - Quit smoking - Improve sporting and other performance - Increase concentration and recall - Improve confidence and self-confidence - Work effectively with motivation issues

As mentioned earlier, there are very many books onrepparttar 139813 subject of self hypnosis as well as free courses - but do be sure to get one that is written by a professional inrepparttar 139814 field.

Motivational therapy, and personal confidence

Finally, an excellent way of developing your life inrepparttar 139815 way you want it is to visit a motivational coach, hypnotherapist or NLP practitioner. Huge numbers of sporting personalities, stars of stage and screen, wildly successful business leaders and 'executive climbers', amongst others, have achieved their success via this route. Hypnotherapy and/or NLP can provide somewhat faster and more long-lasting results than coaching and often with fewer sessions.

If you decide to investigate this route, your local Yellow Pages is a good starting point; initial consultations are often at no charge, though you should make clear exactly why you are consulting.

Terence Watts is a successful therapist, lecturer and author of hypnotherapy and self-help books. He runs his own school in the UK and has conducted more than 24,000 sessions of hypnosis and hypnotherapy since 1989. has a complete range of self help books and CDs, as well as several free information files. There is also a free self hypnosis course written by Terence.

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