Your 10 Easy Steps to Internet Success

Written by Richard Lam

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5. Site Design Exclusively For Customers

Development of your website is an intricate process.

If you are either on a tight budget or planning to own a full-time internet business or both, I suggest you learn web site designing using one ofrepparttar 118476 many programs which are available in any software store.

You will save yourself money as well as problems when you need editing to be done onrepparttar 118477 site. If you have an offline business and you are just adding another stream of income, then just hire a professional to do it for you.

When designing you site, always haverepparttar 118478 mentality of your potential customer. Think of all their questions/problems they might have. Make everything simple to use or find for your customers.

Never ever think like a business owner!

Your customers wonít be interested in your business because itís not theirs. Make sure your benefits and UBP stand out in your site, and donít put them lower than your first page, as web surfer donít like to go beyondrepparttar 118479 first page.

Give themrepparttar 118480 required information as quickly as possible. The crucial key to success of any business is Benefits, Benefits and More Benefits.

6. Free Bonuses

You need to get your visitors interested by offering some free bonuses. It is also a great way to increase traffic hits.

Examples of free bonuses are: free reports, weathers, news, programs, scripts, and more.

But I found out that you could createrepparttar 118481 greatest draw using ebooks relevant to your type of business. Or you can try giving out good quality mouse pads with your business contacts printed on it. (Good for creating free advertising and also more future sales.)

Most important thing for any business is coming up with freebie. Create a report to give away free. Add in a forum page or some scripts in your site. You can also give out a sample of your software.

All in all, you have to draw visitors in by giving something valuable for free.

7. Develop Your Mailing List

Most ofrepparttar 118482 full-time Internet marketers I know have their own mailing list. It can be a weekly newsletter or a Tip-of-the-Day or regular important updates of their sites.

Always concentrate on building a list of loyal subscribers because they will be willing to listen more intently to you. Most customers donít buy from you on their first visit.

Most just subscribe for a few weeks or months, then finally buying from you. They have to know and understand more about you before putting down their money for your products.

So if you donít develop your own mailing list, you will not have complete control over your own income inrepparttar 118483 future from your loyal customers.

This is how you will need to build loyalty in your customers, and thus creating for yourself an unlimited amount of residual income inrepparttar 118484 future.

8. Search Engines Submission

Now thatrepparttar 118485 search engines are not most powerful marketing tool available, they are still essential to any overall Internet marketing plan.

You can easily get top positions onrepparttar 118486 search engines using secrets that are available online. The biggest key to high placement isrepparttar 118487 easiest one to understand. Your site content is also important if you have important and valuable content in it.

There are many different ways to get top positions, which we shall discuss, in another day and in a different book.

9. Free Advertising Methods Available Everywhere

There are basically many methods of advertising your site for free.

For example, you can use press releases, publication for offline advertising.

Or you can write insightful informative articles to send to online ezines, participate in forums, mailing lists, newsgroups, place ads on free classified sites.

And donít forget about trading links with other sites or setting CGI programs such as Search Engines, Free-For-All Links site etc.

Do everything you could possibly think of using free methods to create traffic to your site first. When you have income coming in, venture out into paid advertising sources.

These are only some ofrepparttar 118488 methods being used. Forrepparttar 118489 details of each and every method used, I would be covering them in another book.

10. Paid Advertising Sources

Many Internet businesses opt for paid advertising because they lackrepparttar 118490 time needed in free advertising methods. But both methods are equally effective and important to any important to any business.

ÖBut if you are thinking of how much can a dollar net you, then you have to consider Ezines advertising because it hasrepparttar 118491 most yield and effectiveness. Donít leave out banner ads, paid links to high traffic sites and also buying leads from other sources.

The most effective leads often come from offline advertising. They have a higher chance of converting a buyer than online leads.

Examples of offline advertising include: buying ads in your targeted magazines, starting a co-op, buy a postcard in one ofrepparttar 118492 card decks.

Once you consciously put in effort to work out on this ten-step formula together on a piece of paper. You will find yourself creating your own map to Internet success.

You wouldnít even consider venturing out without this map of success in hand.

So donít go intorepparttar 118493 internet without this.

Richard Lam has already been in the Internet marketing for 2 years. Grab your 2 free report to boost your income now at The Winning Wealth Ezine: Success Secrets With Ace Marketing.

Does your event need to be live?

Written by Adi Gaskell

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Audio and/or Video

An audio webcast is much less expensive to produce than video, which involves onsite production costs for crew, lighting, and equipment. So you need to decide whether an audio Webcast is sufficient or whether your audience needs to see full video ofrepparttar speaker with live integration of speaker support. Keep in mind that a video Webcast also demands higher bandwidth from Web users. So before making these crucial decisions, find out your audience's bandwidth, firewall or VPN limitations and Web usage habits.

Adi is the founder of, a leading provider of Flash based streaming video solutions.

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