You want RESULTS? I'll give you RESULTS!

Written by Michael Dimas

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How would you look at your husband if you were sexy and happy? Start looking at him that way now.

How would you breath if you were totally stress free? Start those breathing!

What would you eat for lunch if you were a fitness buff? Eat that now for every lunch. ditto for breakfast-supper and snacks.

How much exercise would you do if you were an inner peace queen? Do that kind and amount now.

How often would you smile and/or laugh if you felt wonderful 15-20 hours per day? Get your face in shape and start smiling and laughing....howling is pure want magic in your life?

What would your voices inside your head say if you were filled with joy & satisfaction? Start that dialog now.

How would you treat strangers if you loved yourself torepparttar hilt? Start treating them that way now.

How would you pray or think or meditate [whatever works for you] if you were routinely overwhelmed with gratitude forrepparttar 136216 magic in your life? Do that now...all of it...weekly...daily...hourly...every few minutes.

What great books would you read once you knew what your purpose/mission in life was? Start reading, now!

What relationships would you mend and nurture if you were fulfilled and satisfied? Go mend and nurture.

Who would you say, "I love you" to if you were crazy in love with your life? Go tell them...daily or more often.

What states would you produce if you knew you could produce any? Joy? Satisfaction? Fulfillment? Peace of mind? Go enjoy then some more...

What one great thing would you dare to dream if you knew you could not fail? Start that dreams are OK too...soooooo....

Michael Dimas is a performannce consultant, workshop leader, motivational speaker, coach and health/fitness mentor. He teaches you how to empower your body, mind & spirit. He can be found online at or emailed at

Strength Within

Written by A.Z. Alfred

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She froze, waiting for me to answer her question. But I just stared at her because I couldn’t find a word. Finally I simply said, “Just thinking.”

We both chuckled.

She placed some magazines between us, took one and buried her face in it.

I stared into space, wandering intorepparttar little boy world again. My eyes caughtrepparttar 136179 magazines sitting beside me. And there it was,repparttar 136180 edition of TIME that brought me here inrepparttar 136181 first place. I took it up. She looked at me puzzled.

“ Can I read this? Been looking for it all day”

“Sure. It’s an old edition, you can keep it”

I thanked her, took it and walked away.

Back home, I flipped throughrepparttar 136182 ads, politics and other pages that has nothing to do with my new friend. I got torepparttar 136183 page withrepparttar 136184 caption, “Defenseless Target” and belowrepparttar 136185 caption it reads, “close to 350 die, half of them children, afterrepparttar 136186 Chechen rebels take an entire school hostage.” And I realised that I have more than just a little boy to meet.

Despiterepparttar 136187 fact that my friends have increased in number, my heart was captivated by a nine years old boy who was amongrepparttar 136188 other twelve hundred hostages who celebratedrepparttar 136189 first day of school. And were kept hostage for three days. He was among those who were stripped to their panties. He was among those who were forced to either thirst to death dehydrated or drink their urines if they needed to live. He was amongrepparttar 136190 little children who should be playing video game in front of some TV but were left with no choice than to stare at bombs, which designedrepparttar 136191 school’s gymnasium like some festoon of flowers. He was among those whose liferepparttar 136192 guerrillas have chosen to sacrifice to achieve their stupid desire. To make it worse for him, his mother was also held hostage.

Elena Kasumova, a teacher inrepparttar 136193 school, was strong fromrepparttar 136194 first day whenrepparttar 136195 school was taken hostage. Butrepparttar 136196 third day, her hope was running out and that was whenrepparttar 136197 unthinkable happened. She got more than a hope from her nine years old son, Timur Kasumova.

When Elena had chosen to give up, believing herself, her son, Timur and many others were going to thirst to death. Her son crawled close to her, massaged her feet, kissed her and told her stories about allrepparttar 136198 water and juice they would drink when they would be free fromrepparttar 136199 hands ofrepparttar 136200 guerrillas. He comforted her, renewing her strength to hang on.

And now five months later, as I sit here writing this inspiring true life story, I know Elena and her son, Timur, are somewhere in Russian (if they are still there) drinking allrepparttar 136201 water and juice he had told her about while trying to forget that painful experience.

Though you have read this story but what I’m trying to say to you is more than justrepparttar 136202 lines. You need know one thing. When tough time (challenges) comes your way and you have exhausted all your strength, there is always a little more strength within, which you need to break through. Timur Kasumova did that inrepparttar 136203 face of a hopeless situation some months ago. He hung on torepparttar 136204 strength within.

Coming soon, “Haiku with love” An inspiring poetry collection by A.Z. Alfred. To be published by Author House, USA.

A.Z. Alfred is a writer and a motivational speaker whose greatest pleasure is observing the world through a window while listening to inspirational songs.

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