You just can't polish a turd!

Written by Gordon Rant

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Finally,repparttar House of Lords tookrepparttar 146670 crusty sheen offrepparttar 146671 governments "Entitlement Card" by renaming itrepparttar 146672 "ID Card". Onrepparttar 146673 face of it,repparttar 146674 ID Card has sound benefits. Some ofrepparttar 146675 official uses ofrepparttar 146676 card and national database include: national security, prevention or detection of crime, enforcement of immigration controls, enforcement of prohibitions on unauthorised working or employment, securingrepparttar 146677 efficient and effective provision of public services. However, althoughrepparttar 146678 concept may have been based onrepparttar 146679 best intentions, it offers ample opportunity to become a Pandora’s Box. Most people have reservations based on cost andrepparttar 146680 government's answer atrepparttar 146681 moment is to place a "Cap" onrepparttar 146682 price so as not to put people offrepparttar 146683 idea. However, like many other schemes aimed at reducingrepparttar 146684 burden onrepparttar 146685 public's purse,repparttar 146686 government will no doubt sliprepparttar 146687 same money out ofrepparttar 146688 public's back pocket.

Consider how new technology is currently being discussed, extend it with just a little imagination and you might see some ofrepparttar 146689 following appear inrepparttar 146690 near future:

Governments Vision: Your car transmits its position, time and speed using current satellite technology to bring about an age of pay as you go car tax.

or possibly: Instant Speed Fines, Congestion charges in all cities, Peak time charges, torepparttar 146691 penny expense claims enforcement for company car employees.

Governments Vision: ID cards to prevent prohibitions on unauthorised working or employment

or possibly: The week you are taking off sick is being traced by your employer viarepparttar 146692 government database. It seems that your visit torepparttar 146693 Gym, Pub, Bookies, Garden Centre, Lake District, Golf Coarse etc is going to be causing you some embarrassment inrepparttar 146694 meeting on Monday.

You may sneer, but remember when personal phones with a face on a television were just seen on "Space 1999"... or is that just me?

turd (tūrd)

n. Vulgar

A piece of solid excrement.

[Middle English, from Old English tord.]

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