You cannot make money online without unrelenting follow-up

Written by Dr. Jeffrey Lant

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Thankfully, with a Worldprofit Sales Manager you can finally give your prospects and customersrepparttar kind of follow up they expect and which is crucial to your business success.

With your own Sales Manager you can create UNLIMITED lists, entering up to 25 follow up letters per list.

Now you can have a list for each product and service you sell and up to 25 follow-up messages for each list.

You can send these messages out back to back over 25 days or space them so that they go out over a 90 day period. It's your choice.

The system personalizes each letter with your prospect's name.

You can either enter your prospect ontorepparttar 127477 appropriate Sales Manager list yourself or haverepparttar 127478 prospect subscribe. Either way, your prospect will get an IMMEDIATE response... and then up to 24 additional messages in up to 90 days.

Whenrepparttar 127479 prospect is ready to respond, all she has to do is HIT REPLY. You'll automatically be notified, and you can immediately follow up.

Ifrepparttar 127480 prospect wants to remove herself from any given list, she can do so automatically, without ever involving you.

Now, instead of losing business because you just don't haverepparttar 127481 time to follow up each prospect systematically -- although you know you should -- you'll use your Worldprofit Sales Manager to stay in touch with each and every prospect for whatever you're selling. Your follow up will be a marvel, and your sales WILL increase!

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Shhhhhhh. LISTEN!

Written by Gloria Reibin

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Writers couldn't write without listening -- listening torepparttar way people talk,repparttar 127476 language they use, their gestures, movement. All that is a part of listening.

What aboutrepparttar 127477 marketer? You've already heard, I'm sure, that you need to fill your customer's needs. How can you do that unless you listen to them?

"The most important secret of salesmanship is to find out whatrepparttar 127478 other fellow wants, then help him findrepparttar 127479 best way to get it." Frank Bettger said in his classic book, "How I Raised Myself From Failure to Success in Selling."

Listening isrepparttar 127480 key to being a successful person. People like to talk about themselves, but they want someone to hear them.

All creative people, all successful people listen, also, to their inner voice. It'srepparttar 127481 inner voice that takesrepparttar 127482 cumulative effect of all that outer lifetime of listening, makes sense of it and tells them how to respond, what action to take.

Doesn't it seem reasonable that if you put your attention on others, help them fulfill their needs that your inner voice will be prepared to fulfill your own?

Here's a few things you can do to improve your listening skills.

1. Close your eyes. Spend a few quiet moments just being with yourself. It's a good idea to do this before you start any new task forrepparttar 127483 day, before you make a phone call, send an email, or write an ad.

2. Each time you pick uprepparttar 127484 phone, whether to answer it or make a call, remind yourself to stop and listen torepparttar 127485 other person.

3. After contact with another person, write down allrepparttar 127486 things they said to you. Were you really listening, or were you waiting for a break inrepparttar 127487 conversation so that you could speak? Do you find you weren't sure what they said? You will probably start writing reams as you practicerepparttar 127488 art of listening.

4. After you've met a person face to face, write down what you remembered about them, their behavior, what they wore, how their facial expressions changed, their body language.

Before long, you will develop a lifelong habit of listening that will win you friends, enhance your enjoyment your enjoyment of life and, need it be mentioned, fatten your wallet.

You'll no longer have to remind yourself to:

"Shhhhh. Listen!"

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