"You are your own - PRESIDENT"

Written by John Di Lemme

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"Where did they all dream of those achievements first?"

The answer to that question is...

They did their dreaming in their own nation called *Imagination*!

You need to take some personal time and evaluate how you are handling your nation.

Are you excited about what you are imagining you can be,what you can do and where you are going?

Truthfully, you will either be enthused or disillusioned. You truly need to re-examine your nation. I suggest that you brainstorm, which means to take some time for yourself and just write down allrepparttar dreams that you have but never even wrote down.

I also recommend that you write down 100 dreams...yes you read that correct 100 of them!

Put them away for 2 days so that they can sink in a little. When you go back and read them, your inner spirit will direct you torepparttar 135212 ones that you need to focus on and begin to design with your own "Imagination".

Each of us is empowered to create wealth for ourselves in every aspect of life -- spiritually, physically, and financially!

I challenge you right now to utilize your God-given imagination and imagine whatever you want to be then you'll be empowered to run your nation inrepparttar 135213 most productive methods possible. This alone will entirely change your life forrepparttar 135214 better, because now you have a responsibility as a President of a nation - your "Imagination".

Creating Milli.ionaires byrepparttar 135215 day!

Are you next?

John Di Lemme http://www.1automationwiz.com/app/aftrack.asp?afid=251128

John Di Lemme’s Biography

I was; living in New York which is home to millions of people. You would think that out of all of these people someone would have prospected me for Network Marketing. They prejudged my abilities.

I answered an ad and created my very own multi-million dollar Network Marketing business from the ground up. By age 29 I became a Millionaire.

5 of the best money making ideas you can use today to earn a boatload of cash online.

Written by Glen Jansen

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FOUR. Drop Ship It.
The thought of storing boxes and boxes of products at your house may have you running away from eBay. Thank goodness there is something called Drop Shipping. A drop shipper is a wholesaler who will sell you their products at near wholesale prices and ship them directly to your customer. World Wide Brands maintains a directory of wholesaler and drop shipping companies giving you access to over 2 million products to sell on eBay. The good news is that once you have access to your own products, you can now userepparttar first three methods to market them. Do you seerepparttar 134945 power now? Maybe you usedrepparttar 134946 first two methods to market someone else's product. Now you can get a better profit margin by drop shipping your own products using these same methods.

FIVE. Write yourself rich.
The first 4 methods involved selling someone else's products for a commission or profit margin. If you want to makerepparttar 134947 most money, you have to produce and sell your own products. An exceptional item to sell online is information. In particular, ebooks, software, audio and video products have incredible profit margins. But, you think, you have no writing skills. What are you to do? Easy, hire people to dorepparttar 134948 work for you. This is an amazing way to leveragerepparttar 134949 skills of someone else. Pretend you have an idea for a new software program. There is a site online called Rent a Coder where you can hire people to work for you. Depending on your product idea, you can getrepparttar 134950 software coded for $100, $200, maybe even $300. Thenrepparttar 134951 product is yours to resell. You can keep 100% ofrepparttar 134952 profits. You can dorepparttar 134953 same thing writing a book. Steve Manning offers a free course that will teach you how to write a book in as little as 14 days. I know that sounds to good to be true but it can be done. Most of Steve's students take longer than that onrepparttar 134954 first book but many admit that they can do it faster by preparing better atrepparttar 134955 beginning.

There you have it. The 5 best ways of making money online. It is now up to you to master one or more of these ideas. If you need more help getting started, you can download my 25 page ebook named "The Best Money Making Ideas" for no charge. Inside, I elaborate on each ofrepparttar 134956 5 methods identified above.

Glen Jansen, the author of "The Best Money Making Ideas" free ebook, helps internet marketers and budding home business entrepreneurs find 5 of the easiest ways to make money online. Visit www.1st-in-earn-extra-income.com for more free information and money earning articles.

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