You are the master of your destiny

Written by C.Krishnan

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Naturally your dream house will be transformed into as a picture in your mind. Your sub-conscious mind will direct you to convert that dream house into a real house. It will create circumstances and opportunities for you to convert that dream house into a real house out of your own resources.

One single thought leads to many thoughts. If you want to be rich you should constantly think of having huge money. That one thought leads to many thoughts like huge bank balance, having beautiful house, variety of cars, beautiful ornaments, all modern amenities, huge play ground, beautiful swimming pool in your house, and still many more thoughts.

Such a positive single thought is having a power to create so many positive thoughts.

Similarly it is not wonder that one single negative thought will also create so many negative thoughts.

So negative thoughts are also having equal power like positive thoughts power.

You cannot underestimaterepparttar power of negative thoughts.

Always think good, think positively. Never let your mind to think negatively and practice to think positively, then every thing will happen in favor of you.

C.Krishnan Author

C.Krishnan, was formerly a Government official in a state government corporation in India.

He has written many articles on motivation, children, parenting, etc.,

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The Glass Block Story: Patience Pays Off

Written by Anne Alexander

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Yet, we agreed, none were very aesthetically pleasing in our desire to create an uplifting, beautiful environment that would positively affect our daily performance and happiness.

To stimulate our idea process, we went torepparttar local home improvement monster box store and cruisedrepparttar 142980 aisles, trying to come up with a good solution. No luck.

Finally, frustrated and back home again, I noticedrepparttar 142981 glass block I had in my office. It simply sat on my window sill since I had nowhere to install it, but I had loved it for years. Was there some way to userepparttar 142982 block?

We quickly discovered thatrepparttar 142983 spacing was almost perfect Ė one column of glass block on either side would fillrepparttar 142984 gaps perfectly. The wave pattern made it so, while light came through, we didnít really see what was outside, just some color.

Now we wondered how we would stack a column of blocks, without mortar. It turns out they make a plastic insert for just that purpose Ė dry-stacking glass blocks.

We bought some blocks and inserts and you would think thatrepparttar 142985 window had been specifically planned for this purpose. I was amazed! The solution was perfect. Yet, in my initial rush to solverepparttar 142986 problem, I would never have come up with this.

It was a wonderful lesson to me to: 1) take enough time to come up withrepparttar 142987 best solution, and 2) put your head together with one or more others to guarantee better solutions.

In this action-oriented culture, there isnít much value placed on patience. Let us be wise and not make that mistake.

Anne Alexander is a coach who works with business owners, executives and professionals as their strategic partner to grow their business or career, improve their effectiveness and reach their goals. For Anne's free, popular 8 part e-course "Maximize Your Professional Success," send a blank email to or visit

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