You Want to Waterproof My Basement? Really?

Written by Jack Overton

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8. If you are not extremely handy or are ‘tool handling deficient’, call in several professional waterproofers after checking their standing withrepparttar local Better Business Bureau or Consumer Protection Bureau.

9. Compare and assess their suggestions and recommendations with your common sense and pocket book and ask for local referrals.

10. Only sign a contract, which is fully detailed and allows you to make your own decision rather than with hasty ‘do-it-right-now’ pressure.

Number 1. Before you waste time and effort and increase frustration and maybe spend more than you really have to, visitrepparttar 138908 online site and check out an illustrated 32 page waterproofing scambuster’s report.

Jack Overton has been in residential waterproofing sales, installations and service for 30 plus years. He has put together a 32 page illustrated volume that will tell you everything you ever wanted to know about basement waterproofing but were afraid to ask. It is a scambuster’s dream. Visit for the download.

Choosing the Right Wallpaper

Written by Ryan Fyfe

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it’s application, and your budget. For example Vinyl wallpaper is very durable and is perfect for rooms like kitchens and bathrooms as it can be scrubbed, and will not hold stains. Vinyl-Coated Wallpaper is just like Vinyl Wallpaper however it is not quite as durable and will hold stains. Can you see howrepparttar difference between these two styles is going to make a big difference in placement. You might think that having a really expensive custom wallpaper in your kitchen is desirable but when your toddler flings some spaghetti sauce on it, and it stains, you are going to be wishing you had chosen something more practical.

This is only meant to be a rough educational guide on wallpapers. There are several aspects of wallpapers that I didn’t cover. I recommend talking to a professional at a wallpaper store, when it comes time to re-decorate your house. Make sure to ask lots of questions as wallpapers will last time if chosen wisely.


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